Corporate Bae

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Hello there!

OMG! This skirt is a dream! It’s comfortable and fits just right. I hate having to continuously tug on a skirt that rolls up as I walk. Also it has really good lining which gives it structure. I particularly love the front slit! I think I actually prefer a slit in the front as opposed to having it in the back so I don’t have to panic about my booty being exposed or strange things happening like the skirt ripping. As you may have read in my earlier post ‘2018: The Fashion Stakes Have Gone Up!’ (click here), I planned on getting my work wear look back together this year and this outfit is definitely getting me on the right track. One of my friends saw this outfit and immediately said “this is what you’re supposed to look like Ange!  A corporate  bae!”  lol…  Hence the title.




Oh but the irony of this outfit! It’s a navy blue skirt paired with a blouse with tiny anchor emblems. If you you get it, you’ll know what I mean 😉 …Who knows, maybe this is a sign that I might board a luxury cruise ship this year or my Prince Charming could be a Navy Seal. Lol a girl can dream, right?

About this outfit:

Blouse- Rage | Skirt- H&M | Heels- Jet | Watch- American Swiss | Earrings- Lovisa | Lips- Black Opal Colour Splurge- Impassioned Pink


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Have a beautiful and productive day. Stay stylish. Xx


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