That. Wool. Skirt. DAMN!

Hey there!

I had no idea this wool skirt was going to be as warm as it is,  like no really- its very warm! Still looking for similar skirts.  I really don’t like having to wear jeans or pants for weeks on end when winter hits its peak,  with layers of leggings and stockings (pantihose/tights)  underneath, so having different options is nice.

I generally don’t like a black & white  only outfit,  I  feel very incomplete and dull without colour,  I  have to break the monochrome so I  always have to have a pop of  a bright colour, be it pink,  red,  orange or yellow in the form of a bag,  shoes, lipstick, a scarf or accessories. Also I wore the printed headwrap to not only add colour but I wanted to attempt wearing two different prints at once and I quite liked it. Definitely going to try it more often. ☺



Outfit details:

Shirt: Jet
Sunnies: Call It Spring
Bag: Jet (old)
Skirt: China City
Heels: Call It Spring

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘


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