2018: The Fashion Stakes Have Gone Up!

A Happy New Year to you!!!

So it’s a new year and resolutions are all the fuss. I am not one to share my personal resolutions and goals because well some resolutions get tweaked along the way if not dropped and some goals take more than a year to achieve. It’s a continuous process so I actually don’t really have anything particularly new to focus on, still working on the same old me 🙂 Though, last year I shared my ‘7 Fashion Resolutions for 2017’ (click here) which I’d say I achieved fairly well so I just have to set some new fashion goals. Goals are what help me strategically stick to the vision for my blog. Also I’m on a mission to seriously push the envelope with my style evolution.

Another reason I’ve decided to set a new goal is because sometime last year in July I got quite sick. I had continuous headaches, a hospital ER case of heartburn, recurring colds and an irritable throat. I think my immune system just took a holiday on me. My unhappiness at work, the work load along with the stress levels was definitely not helping. It was evident when I dropped the ball on my fashion game. Life was giving me lemons and I was sour about it.

From that time I really didn’t care how I looked, wasn’t interested in fashion, lost my confidence in fashion blogging as the self doubt grew and the blog was shelved for a while. I wore hoodies and chunky Timberland-ish boots and old jeans in winter and when spring rolled around the trend didn’t change either. I wore unshapely T-shirts and sneakers till the end of the working year. I really wasn’t bothered about how I looked, as long as I was clean. I was a clean hot mess. LOL

But it is now a new year, I’ve consciously made the decision to leave 2017 problems and let downs in 2017 and only take the good stuff with me. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was not a horrible forgettable year but I refuse to be sour about life and my situations. It’s not even worth it because it’s not in my hands. I have no power to change it. All I can do is try again and this time with God at the center of my everything.


Funny enough, even through my “I couldn’t be bothered” phase, my blog was getting noticed by the relevant people with prospective opportunities and that was what actually got me to shake off the hot mess vibe.

This year my first fashion resolution is to look ridiculously flawless! I am thankful for the care-free phase I went through because to some extent I needed that, to help me get my worries out of my system but I cannot be looking scrappy ever again. From my hair to make up looks, accessories and outfits, I will be slaying 2018! I want to look back at my twenties and say “wow! I was that girl”. I did a mini shopping haul at H&M recently to update my my work wear style followed by a photoshoot and I can confidently say I’m off to a great start. I loved every item I got there and I’ll be making more trips there.

My second resolution is to do a bit of fashion history self-study. I want to know more about fashion and the very interesting origins of a lot of trends. I think it’s safe to say that people just want more out of fashion nowadays. More drama. More glam. More WOW! Based on the amount of style tastes and aesthetics I’ve seen on Instagram, the fashion stakes have really gone up. Maybe I live under a rock but in my 20-something years of existence I’ve never seen fashion this big. I am forever amazed and amused by what I see. My favourite thing about new age fashion is that we have a lot more shopping options to choose from. You can order something as unique as custom hand made leather shoes off Instagram to thrifted vintage clothing, wigs and personalised jewelry. And you know your item will be one of a kind. We also have access to shops abroad now. Fashion trends are also trending with longer life spans. It doesn’t matter whether an item is ‘so last season’ anymore, if you like it WEAR IT! Fashion has hardly got anything to do with clothing your body but everything to do with self expression.



Thank you for reading and stay stylish! Xx



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