Fashion Trend Alert: The Tuxedo Dress


Brace yourselves because the 90s are coming back. I’m talking crocodile hair clips, bandanas as  head scarfs, skinny sleek cat eye sunglasses, poor boy caps and track suits. All of it is coming back so it’s no surprise this very sexy tuxedo dress (a.k.a the blazer dress) has made its own come back too, along with the shoulder pads. I distinctly remember how popular fitted blazers and jackets were as a child in the late 90s. My mom and each one of her 5 sisters wore a tuxedo jacket, sometimes with high waist mom jeans.

One 90s TV character who outstandingly had great fashion style with hats and blazers was Hilary Banks from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.

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Due to this major fashion flashback of the 90s,  some very popular sports apparel brands of that era have possibly been revived too such as Champion, Kangol and Ellesse. Rihanna’s latest Puma Fenty collection is riddled with key pieces from the 90s.

Famous girls styling the Tuxedo dress trend:

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lopez
Demi Lovato
Selita Ebanks
Kim Kardashian West

The best way to wear this piece is to keep the lapel neck line plunging to show off ones sensual femininity and contrast the androgynous look.  If you’re going to wear this during the day maybe wear a blouse or slip dress underneath the dress but if you’re bold enough go without. This dress is the perfect summer to autumn/winter transition item as you can wear it with or without sleeves or later when it gets chilly pair it with thigh high boots and some faux fur.

#MiscellaneousFact: The difference between a Tuxedo and a Blazer is that a Tuxedo is a type of a formal suit that has a jacket and trousers. It has satin on the lapel (collar), satin  buttons and a satin pocket trim,  a satin strip on the side of the trouser.  It is traditionally worn with a bow tie.

A Blazer is a more casual durable jacket that does not come with trousers and has metal buttons along the arm. Both jackets can be single or double breasted. blazer(2)

 (Learn more about jackets here

Inspiration off Instagram:

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What fashion trends have caught your eye? Let me know in the comments section. Stay fabulous and thank you for visiting. Xx Ange.

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