Short hair, shorts & shades

Like,  I couldn’t be any more ready for the heat even if I tried! I just looove spring!  It brings newness, fresh ideas, clean air,  all the stuffiness is out the window and I’ve got sooo much energy. I was blasting up some Naija beats and  dancing while I was  ironing yesterday. Maybe I should…… Continue reading Short hair, shorts & shades


  OMG! ‘Houndstooth’ means exactly that: a dog’s tooth. What a blonde moment I had the day I realised this. But I know I’m not the only one, I probably just schooled some of you. Lol. Houndstooth is actually a Scottish weaving pattern  for woven wool aka ‘broken checks’ making it an autumn/winter staple. It…… Continue reading Houndstooth

Weekend Outfit: Heels x Sweaters

You know when you want to wear a comfy, easy laid back sweater but you also want to look stylish and ladylike, not too boyish with the sneakers? Yeah this is that look.  I glammed mine up with heels. Perfect for a chilled Saturday afternoon. You can actually wear your sneakers during the day while… Continue reading Weekend Outfit: Heels x Sweaters

Crop it like it’s hot!

It’s almost crop top season! Yay! I’m actually surprised the crop top made a come back with a more tasteful approach compared to the ‘bare all-Britney Spears-Hit me baby one more time’ era. Now everybody with any body type can wear one. I prefer to wear mine with high waist bottoms,  revealing just a sliver…… Continue reading Crop it like it’s hot!

Who is AngieTinashe?

Hello You! I decided to do this 'get to know me'  post just for fun. I started off with roughly 30 Q&As which I was going to  cut down to 20 but I enjoyed  answering these questions so much that 20 Qs kinda... sorta... turned into... 70!  Oops. HAHA! 😜 Enjoy! *Don't forget to leave… Continue reading Who is AngieTinashe?

Harem Pants

Hey there! What I love about Harem pants is that they’re not tight and are very comfortable. The lose fit is versatile and a mesh top can also be very functional for those super hot summer days. I went with the slim leg cut instead of the drop crotch style because I find them a…… Continue reading Harem Pants

Accessories Maketh The Outfit

Accessories sure do maketh the outfit. They can turn a simple outfit into a jaw dropping “Wow! She looks amazing!” To get started, let’s define what an accessory is. Google says an accessory is “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive.” In this case…… Continue reading Accessories Maketh The Outfit