The Best of AngieTinashe 2016

Hey!!!! I still canโ€™t believe I plucked up the courage to start a fashion blog this year and I can now blog about my best posts already?! Wow! As tradition goes, hereโ€™s a countdown to some of my favourite posts for 2016 (click on the link for each post): 1. All Black Errthang! 2. Sunday… Continue reading The Best of AngieTinashe 2016


It’s officially SUMMER!

Hi! I just realised it is officially OFFICIALLY summer today! The first of December. ย Just as well, ย it’s scorching outside and holiday mode is slowly kicking in so we can bring out our cute sandals and flowing maxi dresses. I wish everyone a beautiful and SAFE holiday. Relax, look after yourselves and don’t do anything…… Continue reading It’s officially SUMMER!

Angie’s HITLIST Faves- November

Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚ November was quite the busy month, events, get togethers with girls and family visits. I have a feeling December is going to be just as busy and fun! 1. Spring Spree Fashion Show: Though this event was poorly organised it was great to see new designs, Witbank never disappoints with the talent. I… Continue reading Angie’s HITLIST Faves- November

Fits like a glove!

Hello there. People tend to think that because Iโ€™m tall and slender, shaped like a model I have absolutely no problems with clothes. Yes the clothes fit in terms of size, getting into them isnโ€™t an issue but itโ€™s the cut and shape where I struggle. A lot of garments are way too short (sleeves…… Continue reading Fits like a glove!