Minnie Mouse themed baby shower outfit

Hey guys! So I went to a friend’s Minnie Mouse themed baby shower the other day, of course it was a surprise and yes she was very surprised. Dressing up was fun, initially I wasn’t going to but thought what the heck! Why not?! YOLO! Cool part is everyone actually dressed accordingly in red, black… Continue reading Minnie Mouse themed baby shower outfit


Pretty in Pastel

Ever had a dress with crazy sentimental value? Yep, this is one of those dresses my daughters will fight over years from now because I’m not about to let it go! Sometimes I just literally crack up when I look at it… Madness! But I shall spare you the soppy gory details (…go figure;-)) Right.… Continue reading Pretty in Pastel

Review: Clinique Lipstick- Rosette & Flamenco

YESSSS! The folks at Clinique have the winning formula! You see the thing about metallic lipsticks is the smoothness and Rosette is perfect!  Bad quality lipsticks have what feel and look like chunky, clumpy, bumpy pieces of actual glitter in them. It’s just a mess! I don’t know how Clinique creates their metallic lipstick but… Continue reading Review: Clinique Lipstick- Rosette & Flamenco

Fragrance Review: Donna by Valentino

Hey guys! Both my sisters are perfume hoarding junkies so I got my sister Shamiso to review her current scent Valentino's Donna. I think I’m going to just let them do all perfume reviews because they know their scents. Here goes! Q: Describe Donna Shamiso: This fragrance is very warm. It is not edgy, sharp… Continue reading Fragrance Review: Donna by Valentino

Review: Vanille Tropicale

Vanille Tropicale is exactly that- Vanilla! You won’t pick up any other ingredient, pure vanilla. Generally I love vanilla, even when cooking I add vanilla essence where I can. I bought this because I simply wanted vanilla and that’s what I got. This fragrance is an everyday wear type, it lasts all day. A light… Continue reading Review: Vanille Tropicale

The pretty disastrous dress

This dress is a HOTT MESS! I was walking through town on a scorching day in October. I’d just been told my work contract wasn’t going to be renewed due to economic difficulties so any form of impulse retail therapy was on the cards. I spotted this pretty floral dress- I just had to have… Continue reading The pretty disastrous dress

Review: Elizabeth Arden- Sunflowers

This 1993 fragrance is almost as old as I am! On some odd days this fragrance reminded me of an anti-septic liquid which is what gives it the fresh and clean smell. Sunflowers is more on the mature side though, def not fruity and young. I associate fruity smells with high school teenage girls, being… Continue reading Review: Elizabeth Arden- Sunflowers

Review: Estee Lauder- Modern Muse Le Rouge

I  … I was quite disappointed by this fragrance. It doesn’t last! I can hardly smell it on me so I can’t even describe or pick up the scent. I applied it three times in one day. Disappointment. M y sister actually gave me this fragrance, she said it didn't last and I thought 'it's… Continue reading Review: Estee Lauder- Modern Muse Le Rouge

Jumpin into Spring!

Happy Spring Day!!! I must say spring is a big deal to a lot of people,  so many spring day posts on Instagram today. I guess people are always ready to embrace the newness that is spring and show those legs! Haha To be honest,  jumpsuits are not my favorite when it comes to the…… Continue reading Jumpin into Spring!