Ruffles for the New Year: New Year’s Eve Party Outfit

Ruffles for the new year!!!


Ruffles are a classic trend we saw make a major comeback all throughout  2017. We saw them make a comeback on sleeves, hemlines, necklines, bust areas, in peplam form and even accessories as we saw all over Instagram. 

The cool thing about ruffles is that they can be so over the top extravagant and detailed depending on how big they are. They do all the work for you with the volume they create so accessories can be kept at a minimal. Though a statement handbag, shoe or accessory is advisable along with a well placed ruffle depending on where you want to place attention on your body. Also, if you want to add volume to the bustline, have the ruffles strategically cascading the bust area.

Ruffles have a very dress-up vibe creating a polished look and are elegantly flattering to every body shape. This romantic, soft and flirty aesthetic which resembles delicately layered flower petals is to be worn with serious confidence because delicate as it, it is also a bold look which stands out.

Ruffles are perfect for a New Year’s Eve party because they’re fun, flirty and the flouncy frills make for a playful look.


About this outfit:

This outfit gives me life and it is perfect in white! I doubt there is any other colour combination that says classy party like white and gold. This dress is fitting in all the right places and I look stunning (if I do say so myself😅). It is definitely out of my comfort zone because I’m more of a jeans and heels casual look kind of girl but this I love. I don’t wear dresses this short so I am tempted to maybe cut it into a top or wear a skirt over it to create a completely different look. 

Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly where to buy this dress because I bought it in a nameless shop I randomly walked into and the dress also has no label. Though I’ve seen similar ruffled dresses from Fancy Claws (click here) and Lapens Couture (click here).

Earrings: Lovisa, R120

Shoes: Dodo’s Shoes, R299


This outfit was inspired by my all time favorite fashionista Agatha who blogs at Irony of Ashi (click here). Her style is impeccable! As you can see she lets the ruffles take centre stage by wearing them with minimalist accessories and shoes. Effortless style. 


Thank you all for the love and support you gave me this year, I appreciate every comment, like and follow. I have every intention of doing amazing things with fashion blog in the new year with your continued support. I pray 2018 is everything beyond our wildest dreams. Stay blessed and lets link up on Instagram @angietinashe

Hello 2018! ☺️🥂


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