7 Fashion Resolutions for 2017


I’m not one to make new year resolutions that I know I’ll forget about within 3weeks of vowing to them but for my fashion style, going into a new year and being a fashion blogger I felt it useful to have some kind of ‘strategy’. I like writing down my goals before I do anything because they bring your vision to life while keeping structure and organisation. Honestly I don’t think I want to find or officially define my personal signature style just yet. I want enjoy experimenting and trying different looks, figuring what works for me. Sometimes the fun is in the journey, not so much in the actual destination and this is one of those cases.
So here are my fashion resolutions for a more well rounded closet in 2017:

1. Build a closet with basic essentials that pair with everything. We all should have at least one of these: a little black dress, a fitted blazer, a plain white T, a structured bag, a genuine leather belt, a crisp white shirt, a flattering pencil skirt, a denim jacket, comfortable flats, a cool pair of sneakers, a leather jacket, an everyday coat, good lingerie, etc … I’m sure you get the gist. These are items that shouldn’t have to be replaced every season. I’m basically going to re-build my whole closet from scratch.


2. Spend more on quality essentials and less on seasonal trends: I want essentials that last a life time therefore I’m willing to pay a little more. On the other hand there is nothing worse than having spent a fortune on a trendy item that’s passed it’s ‘trending’ life span. I mean off the shoulder tops are so in this summer but come summer 2017 nobody will be caught dead wearing one. Something else will be the ‘in thing’ and you’d have wasted a good fortune.

3. I’ve developed a serious thing for mini bags and tote bags. I cannot bare having to carry over sized bags anymore, they’re so unnecessarily cumbersome. The smaller the better so I plan on stocking up on a few.

I have my eye on this cutie for now

4. Wear more heels! Now that I have confidence to wear heels more regularly without bothering about people’s “but you’re too tall” comments,  my closet just happens to have a couple pairs only,  it’s depressingly sad. No more making excuses about not being able to find a size for my big feet. Heels all the way!

5. Stop stereotyping certain looks and get out of my comfort zone. Give it try,  I might really like and SLAY the look.

6. Budget  my spending and plan my shopping trips according to seasons.

7. Fitted clothing. It’s one thing to wear comfortable lose fitting clothing but it’s another to look sloppy and frumpy.

On the beauty front I’d like to just stock up on lots and lots of colourful bold lipsticks. I’m ditching my conservative nude lip. I’d also like to try false lashes but just for fun though. I think they look so pretty when done right.

And that is my fashion resolution list. Do share your fashion plans for the year with me in the comment section below.

Happy fashionable 2017!

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘


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