19 Rising Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Hello on this windy Thursday!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to share for a while but as you know, we must do life.

I have been following big name international bloggers and vloggers alike whom I’ve come to absolutely admire such as Shirley B. Eniang, Asleigh of The Daileigh, Folake’s Style Pantry and Patricia Bright for a very long time. Some of them inspired me enough to start blogging too. Having started this blog of mine I started to wonder who were the other bloggers I am sharing this space with.

In as much as I enjoy getting content from all walks of life and continents of the world (I am a self confessed content hoarder) I was in need of content that was closer to home, more local. I wanted to be able to interact with creatives who are not only in reach but I can relate to 100%. A few things that bummed me about following bloggers who live abroad are 1. we don’t have access to the same stores as they do, hence we can’t buy all those pretty clothes they style or test products they review; 2. you can’t really collaborate or interact with them; and 3. we live in different environments and possibly societies as well so I don’t relate to all of their topics or experiences.

So eventually I went in search to discover African based bloggers. It wasn’t easy at first finding them as we don’t really have many platforms to engage other than Facebook groups and good old Instagram but I asked around and came across these phenomenal bloggers who are bringing the fire. It was refreshing to read blogs by people who went to the same varsity as me, who use the same products as me, have similar experiences and lastly come from the same country as me. Blogging is most definitely on the rise in Africa. Our major set back has been the costly internet access but we sure are catching up with the rest of the world. I also like that we can collaborate with other creatives like photographers, make-up  and hair stylists as well as clothing designers and retailers among many others. It’s great to see consumers having the power to create their own very personalised content and how the marketing and branding field has transformed over the years. Consumers have the power to tell brands exactly what they want and don’t want. We choose the brands, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Anyway, let me not let the branding strategist in me take over this post… .Keep your eye on these ladies, they’re definitely onto something.

And to all the bloggers featured on this post- don’t stop blogging! You inspire me to keep going and it would be lovely to meet you in person one day.

(click the link next to their name to view their stunning blogs. Don’t forget to link up with me as well on Instagram: @angietinashe)

In no specific order we have:

1. Chenai of Anicheberry


2. Laurina of Brightly Black


3. Delicia of Ugandan South African 


4. Njideka Pamela of Heels and About


5. Wumi Tuase

6. Aisha of Baked the Blog


7. Aphiwe of All Things Nzuri

8. Mpho of Fitted Muse


9. Kim Jayde of Kim Jayde


10. Tiffany of As Told By Tiffany

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with Snapseed.

11. Sarah of Princess Audu

12. Lerato of Hellen Rose

13. Özlem of Maïax

14. Mwarianesu of Differently Confident

15. Lerato of 1one2wenty3hree


16. Kumbirai of Tete Humba



Kumbirai and Lerato

17. Vanessa of Mis Nessah


18. Sharron of Deffinatly Shaz


19. Vimbayi of Style with Vimbayi


Thanks for stopping by and please comment with links of bloggers you’re following too. Sharing is caring, spread the love.


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