Lingerie Inspired Outfit Ideas

A Happy Fri-YAY to You!!!

I have been drooling over how Khloe  Kardashian has just been owning the lingerie as outer wear look. With that gorgeous body she is killing it! It’s a spicy, yet subtle but provocative and playful look that you just have to try. Whether you question if under garments worn in public will ever be acceptable is up to you but the good thing about this look is you probably already own a few really sexy  items so no need to go shopping. It’s too easy!

The key with this trend is to keep with the the feminine lace and silk textures because if you go the minimalist route with a basic cotton bra it won’t look right and you’ll simply just look your bra is accidentally exposed- wardrobe malfunction. It has to look intentional yet casual so go over board with the lace but also keep the straps of which ever bra or camisole you choose thin, you want to look soft and delicate. Stripe a balance between exposure and elegance.

There are some looks that are a little too sexy and daring for daytime wear and this is definitely one of them so personally I’d opt to wear this on a night out with the girls or better- date night! Tease bae a bit from across the table over dinner. Also go easy on the  bold accessories, hair & make-up, this is more of a ‘barely there’ look so play it down. Lastly avoid the colour red as you may very easily look cheap.

Here are ways to style your lingerie:

denim X lace- Khloe does it best!

Nobody does this look the most justice like Khloe in her banging revenge body. Yes there have been discussions about how she got that body but we are not here for that. The girl looks great.








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The Slip Dress: Just as sexy and more feminine.

 Alexandriah Sho-Silva of Style by Alexandriah

Vlogger: Kupa Matondo
Mrs South Africa 2017 1st Princess: Olwethu Leshabane

Victoria Beckham, Kefilwe Mabote and Kim Kardashian.


Micah Gianneli

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Intimate Silk Robes:

You can drape this ‘bedroom” piece on top of your chosen ensemble instead of going the bra route. A robe is a substitute for a jacket or cardigan and it will surely have you feeling all 70’s vibes.




Do it like Riri!

If all else fails you can simply take some styling cues from my favorite fashion icon Rihanna. Her style needs no explanation.






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Lastly, visit my go-to lingerie page on Instagram @brasnthings for goodies you’ll just die for! And while you’re there, follow me as well- @angietinashe


Have a lovely weekend guys. No go put the sex in sexy 😉

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