5 Worthy Pay Day Purchases

I have a confession to make: I am a recovering pay day millionaire *hides*


 I used to be that person who had this urgent rush to spend it all, it had to be all  spent on pay day weekend then I’d be borderline broke on a Monday morning. It felt weird just having money sitting in my account and not using it. BUY SOMETHING! YOU NEED IT!


My two biggest impulse buys are food and toiletries. Boy did I make it rain in Clicks! I once spent a good R1 200 on toiletries in one go. Really now! Who spends an obscene amount of money on tampons, hand sanitizer and face wash? I think I also had a fear of being without and I can’t stand having to ask anybody for money or assistance, not even my siblings so stocking up was my safety net.giphy-2

Since then, having been unemployed for a little over a year and now back to being employed again I was basically living off my parents and not having the luxury of making it rain in a drug store and relying on friends to cover my bill for drinks, the things I used to find so important to always have and never go without are so unnecessary now. I don’t need to get my nails done, I don’t need Beyonce’s latest CD, I don’t need 3 different hand creams, I don’t need 4 magazines, I don’t need to hit up Nando’s 3 times a week, I don’t need  a new outfit for every girl’s night out.large

My value and appreciation of money has truly shifted, I actually hate spending money now so much that I can walk into a shop and happily leave with nothing. I’m going through the adventure phase of my twenties so I now prefer to spend money on outings and travelling so I save for those things well in advance. Growing up will force you to focus on your tomorrows and realise that mom & dad are not your back-up. Less shopping, more exploring. My monthly budget is strictly drafted and I stick to it, I only buy what I’d budgeted for at the beginning of the month. Now it feels so good to be able to check my bank balance with no worries, knowing that I’m covered for a long while.Money affords me my independence and I don’t ever want to owe my independence to anybody.


I still spend money on particular things that I think are worth it after a long hard month of slaving away…

  1. Food. Glorious food 🙂  Instead of eating at fast food restaurants frequently rather do 1 or 2 lunch/dinner dates of good wholesome yummy food. I am an eater! Food makes me so happy and anyone who knows me well knows how viciously cranky I get when I don’t eat. And that is why the most romantic question any man could ask me is, “did you eat?”

img_20170222_193520_386.jpg20170204_155033-01.jpeg                         img_20170126_123536_002.jpg20170204_150654-01.jpegimg_20160731_205238.jpg

      2. Sale items. Okay this one is  a bit off the mark. Just because you didn’t buy an item for 100% the price doesn’t actually mean you “saved”, you just didn’t spend the money but heck! clothing from clearance sales can be dirt cheap and totally worth the haul. So shop away!

keep-calm-its-50-off-2 img_20151124_193537.jpg

3. Entertainment for later. Get your tickets in advance.  Why?  Because: 1. FOMO  2. FOMO   3. FOMO! There’s nothing worse than seeing everybody talk about the litness that was last night’s party that you decided not to go to. The cool thing about living in a small town though is that there aren’t too many events and parties to attend and tickets aren’t ridiculously priced,  neither will they run out. So 2 or 3 will be enough. Besides, once you’ve gotten tickets your outing plans for the month are sorted, no complaints about boredom.



4. Intimates. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good.  But do you know where that all begins? On the inside darling!  There’s just something so magical about wearing beautiful underwear that makes you feel so good and nobody knows why you’re smiling out from ear to ear. I got myself some new stuff the other day and boy was I dancing around the office all day long. Never underestimate the power of sexy knickers.


Check out @brasnthings for some lingerie inspo

5. The Splurge. We all have that one pricey thing we have a dangerous weakness for. Your’s could be jewelry or expensive perfume, mine is comfortable sneakers though I don’t own many pairs right now. I casually bumped into these New Balance babies that were on sale at Cross Trainer in Sandton City a while back and I was like “look, I don’t have cash to get you out of here but I’ll be back, real soon. Wait for me!” Well I haven’t been to Sandton since but I’m still keen on picking these up.

I already have next month’s splurge figured out,  been due for a phone upgrade for a  long while now. I’m loving the rose gold, for obvious reasons… maybe a matching watch wouldn’t be so bad. 😉

43dd4befc832dba3 534bab94a2a4b6535b004d36260465ce

Thanks for reading and do leave your comments below. Xx.


2 thoughts on “5 Worthy Pay Day Purchases

  1. What a lovely post! I love it I love it! I am quite the money savvy one and just like you I don’t like having to ask for money from anyone. The one thing I do though thanks to motherhood responsibilities is that I save up to splurge on my birthday and sometimes Valentine’s day. The rest goes to my little girl because, well, babies eat money. LOL. I hope you get yourself that watch and phone, they look absolutely gorgeous!

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