Fashion Friday



This week has been thee most exhausting thus far. I never realise how tired I am until I wake up extra late on a Saturday morning and continue to spend most of the weekend dosing it off. I have a slight head ache right now. After the week I’ve had trying to do the ‘full-time work and part-time study’ thing I have new found respect for people who do months, if not years of this just to collect degrees and qualifications. The level of commitment required for this is crazy! School during undergrad was a walk in the park compared to being a working and studying adult. I’m only doing this short course for a month and it has showed me flames! But I am thankful because this is just what I needed to experience since I plan on going back to the books in the future.

Through this I have learnt to use my time wisely and prepare for unforeseen inconveniences like no electricity or extra long and tiring days at work. The other night I had my books all laid out and ready to hit a study session then BOOM! the lights went out! I wasn’t going to strain my eyes reading by candle light so I went to bed and missed a study night. Also I’ve had to be careful of not straining my body and resting when I should. I’m that person who wants to do everything in one go, in fear of not being able to finish it off later but I am not a machine so I’ve learnt to do one small portion at a time, not everything in one go.


About this outfit:

This is actually a #FlashBackFriday outfit post. I wore this outfit exactly a year ago on some Friday… . Fridays for me are my fashion days where I do put some effort into my #ootd because during the week I wear work uniform which I 100% appreciate because I don’t waste a whole 20 minutes in the morning wondering “what should I wear???!!!” and on Fridays we wear casual clothes. Sometimes I get so comfortable with uniform that I forget Fridays are casual days but I do look to wearing my comfortable sneakers.  I miss this hair style soooo much! The care-free edgy look was so me and it was easy to maintain. Thinking of doing it again.

Whatever you get up to this weekend- have a fun. TGIF! I’m off to take a nap.

Ange. Xx

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