Ankara Collection: Two Piece Play Set

Hello loves! It’s official, my love for Ankara print and tailor made clothes (Read: Tailored Paisley) has gone next level. I’m not sure how far this will go but there’s nothing quite like clothes meant to fit your body seeing that I’m a tall long limb-ed girl. … So I got this set made, ironically each…… Continue reading Ankara Collection: Two Piece Play Set

Fridays are for denim!

Oh hello Friday!  I'd love embrace you with open arms but I am swamped with so many things to do.  My year totally started off on a much needed high but I'm not complaining. Thank You Jesus! This is my simple and casual 'unbothered' outfit, I just want to get on with my weekend. I'm… Continue reading Fridays are for denim!

Short hair, shorts & shades

Like,  I couldn’t be any more ready for the heat even if I tried! I just looove spring!  It brings newness, fresh ideas, clean air,  all the stuffiness is out the window and I’ve got sooo much energy. I was blasting up some Naija beats and  dancing while I was  ironing yesterday. Maybe I should…… Continue reading Short hair, shorts & shades