Fashion Friday

Goodness! This week has been thee most exhausting thus far. I never realise how tired I am until I wake up extra late on a Saturday morning and continue to spend most of the weekend dosing it off. I have a slight head ache right now. After the week I've had trying to do the… Continue reading Fashion Friday


Fridays are for denim!

Oh hello Friday!  I'd love embrace you with open arms but I am swamped with so many things to do.  My year totally started off on a much needed high but I'm not complaining. Thank You Jesus! This is my simple and casual 'unbothered' outfit, I just want to get on with my weekend. I'm… Continue reading Fridays are for denim!

Friday Feels

Hi! Happy first Friday of the year to YOU! I know 'first Friday' is not a real thing but it's a good day so I'm making it a thing. I bought a pair of shoes that didn't match with anything I own except this gold crop top and blue jeans combo. Easy peasy chilled outfit and… Continue reading Friday Feels