Fashion Trend Alert: The Tuxedo Dress

Ladies!  Brace yourselves because the 90s are coming back. I’m talking crocodile hair clips, bandanas as  head scarfs, skinny sleek cat eye sunglasses, poor boy caps and track suits. All of it is coming back so it’s no surprise this very sexy tuxedo dress (a.k.a the blazer dress) has made its own come back too,…… Continue reading Fashion Trend Alert: The Tuxedo Dress


  OMG! ‘Houndstooth’ means exactly that: a dog’s tooth. What a blonde moment I had the day I realised this. But I know I’m not the only one, I probably just schooled some of you. Lol. Houndstooth is actually a Scottish weaving pattern  for woven wool aka ‘broken checks’ making it an autumn/winter staple. It…… Continue reading Houndstooth