Accessories Maketh The Outfit

Accessories sure do maketh the outfit. They can turn a simple outfit into a jaw dropping “Wow! She looks amazing!” To get started, let’s define what an accessory is. Google says an accessory is “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive.” In this case…… Continue reading Accessories Maketh The Outfit

Gimme Prints!

Ooooooh!  Printed dresses are most definitely my secret weapon. You see the thing about prints is they sort of “hide” or camouflage rather your body insecurities. We all have those days we feel a little chubby,  bloated and “does my butt look wobbly in this?” Prints take the attention away from bumps,  bulges, slightly offensive…… Continue reading Gimme Prints!

About this Cape

A cape is the most fun clothing item you'll ever wear!!!  I felt so regal just as much as i felt like a super hero 😁 and it kinda attracts a bit of attention.  This cape came in red, navy (dark) blue and black of which none of those colors were flattering for the style… Continue reading About this Cape

Butter Leather Softness

Hello again 🌼 I think it’s safe to say that we all have that one clothing item that’s literally like a second skin because it completes almost every outfit.  For me it has to be this Ruby Diamond leather jacket, it has got to be one of my most prized possessions. I remember looking everywhere…… Continue reading Butter Leather Softness

Just a little something…

Good day to you! So by now you should have noticed  that red is my favorite colour. I decided to wear my very casual ripped jeans with a light formal coat then spice it up with a oversized print bag. The combination of these items makes me look like a lady with a bit of…… Continue reading Just a little something…

Goodbye Winter!

Boy am I super amped up for summer! Forget spring. I said SUMMER! The layers are coming off, the heavy blankets are vacating my bed, I'm breaking up with my hot water bottle (it's not you,  its me)  and goodbye itchy turtle necks. Winter is really not my thing because I have unruly dry skin,… Continue reading Goodbye Winter!

I cut up my graduation dress!

Hey there! Finding the perfect graduation outfit can be a mission because you want to look exactly how you envisioned yourself walking across that stage to receive that degree you slaved so hard for. For my graduation I wanted something completely different from the typical cocktail/smart formal dresses and I knew I definitely wasn’t going…… Continue reading I cut up my graduation dress!