At the Moment…

Hello there! We are five and a half months into the year, it has been three months since I quit my job and 6 days to my birthday. So what’s been going on?! Where’s my head at?! What am I up to now?! What’s changed?! I’m not one to do stock takes in the middle…… Continue reading At the Moment…

26 Thus Far

Well 26 started off on a high of note! Last year I shared with you my 25 Lessons in 25 Years but this time around I'm sharing with you how I've just been coping with ...growing up!                                        … Continue reading 26 Thus Far

Mother’s Day Edition: The Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Happy Mother's Day! 🐣 Today I decided to feature something fitting of today's celebration- pregnancy photo shoots. Guys, I was completely taken by Ciara's baby bump, she looked absolutely gorgeous and made pregnancy seem like such a breeze. Her outfits were on point and her heart melting cute family just made me swoon over and… Continue reading Mother’s Day Edition: The Pregnancy Photo Shoot

What’s in my weekend bag?

Hello! Is it just me or did April flash by? We had so many public holidays through Easter, Freedom Day and Workers day which turned every weekend into a long weekend. It was honestly a little too much for me. I went to work 3 days a week! My longest long weekend was a whole…… Continue reading What’s in my weekend bag?

“You can buy your hair if it won’t grow!”

Very early this year on January 9th I abruptly decided to cut my hair. I was sick and tired of the long silky luscious weaves I’d been wearing since high school. In all honesty I think I’m going through a ‘hair identity’ crisis which is what lead me to cut my hair out of frustration.…… Continue reading “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow!”

25 Lessons in 25 Years

Nope it’s not my birthday but I did turn 25 this year a couple months ago and I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve learned in the 25 years of my existence =) Turning 25 was a major thing for me, I get to really turn over a new leaf and just elevate…… Continue reading 25 Lessons in 25 Years

Who is AngieTinashe?

Hello You! I decided to do this 'get to know me'  post just for fun. I started off with roughly 30 Q&As which I was going to  cut down to 20 but I enjoyed  answering these questions so much that 20 Qs kinda... sorta... turned into... 70!  Oops. HAHA! 😜 Enjoy! *Don't forget to leave… Continue reading Who is AngieTinashe?