5 Uses for a Silk Scarf

One key fashion staple I remember always seeing in my mom’s or one of my many aunts closet was a silk scarf. This piece is iconic of preppy 90s style along with the two piece suits, thigh high boots, brooches, chunky gold jewellery, hats, mini skirts, tartan, black stockings and shoulder padded double breast blazers all in dark shades of primary colours- red, green and blue… And there was no truer style queen of the 90s era than Hilary Banks.


The silk scarf always had a baroque-like gold chain print on it, much like Versace’s popular version of the luxe accessory.


Moving on to present day, I recently noticed how ladies are channeling the 90s vibe once again, accessorising silk scarfs like Lorna and Bonang, as well aa Alicia Keys who’s been doing it for the longest time.

Alicia Keys


Besties Lorna and Bonang


Here are 5 uses for a silk scarf:

1. Head wrap. Well not a full coverage wrap but one that allows you to let your beautiful tresses flow freely. Not only does this style work as an alternative to a hat but it helps to keep your hair in place and protect it from the sun, dust and dirt on windy days. It can also save you from a bad hair day or hide away damaged edges. This is definitely nothing new to the fashion world but it is a great way to practically spice up any look. A scarf slips right into your hand luggage and is absolutely perfect for the warm travelling season. Get styling cues from Insta fashionistas:

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2. Neck or wrist tie. You can go soft & elegant or edgy & chic. This scarf is good for nippy weather too.


3. Handbag accessory for those just in case moments. Knot your scarf around your bag’s handle or strap and enjoy your day. You may need to use it later to wrap or tie up your hair or even cover up a shoulder revealing outfit. This also stops your scarf from getting excessively creased while inside your handbag.


4. Cute hair tie. Ditch the scrunchie for a pretty scarf to keep your hair off your face and out of the way.


5. Protect your hair. Raw silk (spun by silk worms) does not absorb the oil and moisture out of the hair like a cotton polyester fabric does. The friction caused during sleep wearing a cotton head wrap or using a cotton pillow case  may cause your hair to tangle, break, develop split ends and dry out. Silk on the other hand is gentle on the hair and it protects each strand as well as the hairline. Also the oils absorbed in the cotton pillowcase rub onto your face fueling acne and break outs.

So ladies, to protect your hair wrap your hair in a silk scarf or make use of a silk pillow case or alternatively wrap the pillow case around your head for extra protection. Also use a silk scarf under your chosen hat or head wrap of the day. This also minimises transfer of make up and oils staining your pretty hat. Try to invest in a good silk/satin bonnet for you and your little ones too.

3fc5a447e3291f1f4d5eeb0b46915f42-29033026.jpgimages (33)-1189770702..jpeg


images (60)1254426519..jpegsilk-pillowcase-singapore-11045325050.jpgimage (1)1942836864..jpeg

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