A Ray of Sunshine


Last year H&M had this hot yellow number that had my favourite design detail- halter neck, cause we like to show off these shoulders.  Oh it was to die for! But being the tall girl I am it was way too short. I had to let it go. Man! This dress haunted me for months.


So just the other day as I was about to exit the mall and head home I passed by Mr Price and to my delight I spotted this pretty mustard stripe dress. I just knew I had to have it! I tried it on and it fit like a dream, almost all the shop assistants urged me to buy it. I looked like a ray of sunshine and I feel like a ray of sunshine. What I love about this dress is the extra large pockets because they fit my entire life, I can ditch my handbag and the length  was perfect. I decided I’ll wear it with a sheer top on days or occasions I don’t want to expose my chest (kinda going through a chest acne situation right now 😦 ) but I found that the black makes the mustard pop even more. I particularly liked the stripes and front button for that extra bit of subtle simple detail.


Since I’ve worn this dress I’ve seen so many pretty shades of yellow, marigold and mustard outfits so I had to turn this into a post. 

This is how some of my favorite Instagram stylistas are wearing the bright hue:


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Mellow yellow 💛 Dress from @houseofcb

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You are the sun.

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Last year I tweeted, “I don't just want to appear to be doing well. I want to be well. In every way. Well fed. Well loved. Well accomplished. Well.” And so many people reacted to it. I’ve been practicing these words for a while now. And sometimes I have to remind myself of them. Especially when I turn down major trips and partnerships that offer me a lot of money to pretend I’m having fun. People/big brands kept approaching me as an “influencer”, and at first I hated it. I’d take some of the opportunities because they seemed interesting and I wanted to truly see what that world was like. That word kept following me around so I had to define it in my own terms. ⠀ ⠀ Finding Paola started as a journey of a shy Haitian girl from a small town in Haiti getting lost in New York City, and as a result, not only did she find herself, she broke down so many barriers and accomplished things she wouldn’t even have dared dream. Right now Finding Paola is on a new transition(um, I moved to Austin and I’m going to become a mother!) I thank all of you who have stuck by me all this time since 2009. And I thank all of you who are just joining.⠀ ⠀ Yes, I will take more branded partnerships. I work hard. I believe in my creativity. And I deserve to get paid (well) for it. I will take on less because I want to dedicate time for my own projects (i.e. @fanmdjanm and others). I will charge more, and I will cross out as many lines on that contract that make me uncomfortable. To brands: No, you may not use my image, name, likeness any way or any time you choose. No, you will not get my creative direction, talent, face, and voice at a discount because other people with more followers and engagement have accepted your (ridiculous) offer. Yes, I may wear a headwrap, bold colors and accessories, but only if I feel like it. ⠀ ⠀ I want to share more personal style while promoting small and new exciting businesses, thrifting and vintage. Some home decor, topics related to Haitian culture, and anything lifestyle I’m into. Not because it’s trendy but because it makes me feel good. Oh, and more story-telling!⠀ ⠀ Welcome to my small, colorful world. Any questions?⠀ ⠀

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#SideNote :how good does this colour look against glowing dark skin? Oh I cannot! 😍😍😍

More looks off Pinterest:


Did you think I’d hit you with all this beautiful inspiration and not tell you where to get your ray of sunshine? Never hunni! Glow in these dresses below, all available online:

248681-4545-186842-2-detail.jpgUtopia long sleeve front tie dress (click here)

240320-4020-023042-2-detail.jpgUtopia A-line dress (click here)

spree2018july12picslgas0684.jpgRuffle sleeve dress (click here)

spree2018july11picslgas0929.jpgAsymmetrical front wrap dress (click here)

1_spree2018july18picslgzh0025.jpgNomalizo dress (click here)

01_1110210461_SI_00Button up dress (click here)

204806-7951-608402-2-detailUtopia tie front dress (click here)

486x486Pocket T-shirt dress (click here)

01_1100282829_SI_00.jpgWrap front dress (click here)

01_1100211445_SI_00.jpgLace up body con dress (click here)

01_1100259505_SI_00.jpgBare shoulder dress (click here)

01_1140210431_SI_00.jpgWrap maxi dress (click here)

226248-7995-842622-2-detailHigh neck frill body con (click here)

1spree2018july03picslgzh0188.jpgSuede-like bat sleeve dress (click here)

1spree2018july03picslgzh0305.jpgSuede-like stretch drop dress (click here)

*     *     *

What new season looks, trends and colours are you feeling? Comment below and let’s connect on Instagram- @angietinashe.

Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful stylish week ahead. 😊😊

Xx. Ange.




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