Trendy in Track Pants


It may be very safe to confirm that 2018 is the year of #ThrowbackFashionTrends. Yes I’m well aware of the fact that fashion reinvents itself which is really cool but 2018 has no mercy. I’ve seen designer leather hair scrunchies on Balenciaga runways to trendy Gucci fanny pack bags (click here). Have fashion designers lost all creative inspiration completely or was the 90s era REALLY that amazing? The trend of borrowing from past eras is also prevalent in other areas of urban pop culture like music. Musicians the world over are excessively remixing classic hits into their own songs with hardly much adaptation . They call it sampling but it’s pretty much copy and paste. To me it’s like warming up last week’s leftovers in the microwave.


The side stripe pants are no exception to this remixing trend. There are two closely similar styles of the side stripe pants:

1. The more formal slightly fitted trouser which borrows from the 70s era. This trouser is actually taken from the Tuxedo suit which is designed to have the lapel (collar), buttons pocket trim and stripes running down both sides of the trouser leg in satin. Just picture John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. This design feature later found it’s way to tracksuit pants in the 70s and 80s.


2. The basic tracksuit pants


3. The tear away track pant style which has buttons on the side of the leg is meant to make it easier for athletes to undress on the track field. Now this look takes me back to Gwen Stefani fronting for 90s hit band No Doubt and Britney Spears in her debut single ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’. This style is simply old school athletic tracksuit pants gone fashionable. These pants make me feel like someone is about to break out in song and rip their pants off!  Lol


These side leg features typically come in red, blue, white and black stripes. You may also find pants with just one of these features or a combination of both stripes and buttons.


Do you think the rising trend of borrowing from past eras is a form of paying homage to the greats and a source of inspiration or it’s good old copy+paste? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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Have yourself a stylish weekend and thank you for reading. Stay connected with me on Instagram @angietinashe.

Xx, Ange.

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One thought on “Trendy in Track Pants

  1. You are very right, sometimes it does feel like we are repeating trends, especially ones from the 90s. But I love how fashion and style has developed in general in the last few years. We went from all wearing the same trends in basically the same ways, to taking the trends and bringing our individual styles in the mix and I love that one element in style lately.

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