Fashion Flash Back: The Fanny Pack

IMG_20180522_181405Who would have thought? Of the many trends fashion houses are digging out of the ’90s Box’ the once taboo fanny pack has made a come back! Not just any ordinary come back but an epic come back of note. Fashionistas, celebrities, cool kids, young and old, guys and girls are all on point with the fanny pack. The cool thing about this accessory is it’s practicality,  allowing you to go hands-free. No more dragging a bulky handbag around town or stressing about your handbag being snatched from you in unsafe public spaces and you can keep your valuables on your body. The fanny pack is a blessing if you’re heading out to a festival, you are traveling, running errands or working and need your tools on hand (picture make up artists). The fanny pack,  now renamed the ‘belt bag’ or ‘waist bag’ is also useful for cinching and accentuating the waist,  while being an alternative to a man bag too.

Bella Hadid20180517_125507.jpgA$AP Rockyhbz-the-list-fanny-packs-gettyimages-634654178-1515428712.jpgKarlie Kloss20180517_125540.jpgChloe and Hallehbz-the-list-fanny-packs-gettyimages-892152560-1515428712.jpgKendall Jennerkendalljennersuit.jpg7cb569880c946230aee06abb06d38e3a.jpghbz-the-list-fanny-packs-kendall-1515428736.jpg

I personally think it’s right to give credit to Gucci for giving us this blast from the past.  The luxe brand had an amazing revival in 2017 and it’s not about to stop. Everywhere you look it’s Gucci! Belts, bags, shoes, caps, Ts, to tracksuits- all Gucci. Yup, that #GucciGang song was a must.hp-london-fashion-week-street-style-spring-2018.jpg20180522_18190920180522_181836

Looks from other fashionistas:

Monica of fashion blog Awed by Monica








Remember, there’s no such thing as fashion rules- you can wear your bag on your waist, over your shoulder, across your chest or mix it up with other popular trends such as the beret (click here), checkered plaid (click here), or paperbag waist pants (click here).

Here are more fanny pack incorporated looks to inspire you and  help you stay on trend:











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