Fashion Trend: Checkered Plaid


Today’s style post brings you one of 2018’s biggest fashion trends- checkered plaid. If you’re an Instagram scroller like I am you’d have definitely picked up on the growing presence of this pattern among fashion bloggers and influencers alike.

This preppy trend is teaching us to never ever chuck a classic because you never know when the fashion gods might revive it again. If you had chucked your checks one way of getting your hands on this timeless pattern is to raid your mom’s closet (with her permission of course) or hit the good old thrift store, you’re bound to find a gem or two. Last year the equally ageless classic velvet (click here) was all the fuss, debuting it’s comeback in the warm summer months and staying on right through to the peak of winter.

The most popular checkered items you’ll see in street style are blazers and either mini or tailored skirts, typically in gray if not infused with colours like pink, blue, red, yellow and green. So you can suit up in a full matching set or incorporate one checkered item such as a coat, dress, shoes or accessory into your outfit.


This is how fashionistas are wearing checks this Autumn/Winter season:

(#PS: Note how they mix checks with other leading trends like the tuxedo dress (click here) , fanny packs (click here) and berets (click here).


*     *     *

Have yourself a stylish winter and thank you for reading. Leave your comments below and stay connected with me on Instagram @angietinashe.

Xx, Ange.

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