Ankara Collection: Blue Horses

Hey Loves!

I am completely obsessed with this dress! The colours and the fitting are everything. I popped in to visit my tailor who was swamped with a mountain of December orders and I spotted this mustard-orange-yellow piece on his material rack. It was the very last 1.5 meters and I just knew I had to do something beautiful with it. I’m very particular about print patterns and colour mixes so this was pure love at first sight. To make it even more special it has horses on it, one of my favorite animals. I searched Instagram for design inspiration and my favorite African print go-to fashion blogger Agatha had this stunning yet simple royal blue sleeve in a soft chiffon on a dress. Now if you read my previous post ‘Give them  Sleeves!‘ you’ll know that I’m a sucker for dramatic sleeves so that was it. That was all the inspiration I needed and my dress came to life.

I’m so happy with how this neatly sewn dress turned out, it’s somewhat out of my style range. I’d normally go for something more dramatically detailed and shorter but this perfectly aligns with my style evolution/vision- ladylike, elegant and grown. Even my mom was surprised to see a more toned down demure dress and asked if it’s what I wanted. She definitely gave it her stamp of approval.

Now as you can imagine it’s that dress I’m saving for a very special event. When that event may come, I don’t know LOL but I have a killer outfit. ☺️

My inspiration: Agatha of ‘Irony of Ashi’. 

Let me know where you draw creative inspiration from below in the comments section. Have a beautiful day! Xx Ange😊

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3 thoughts on “Ankara Collection: Blue Horses

  1. This dress is simple and chic! it can work for almost any event. From wedding reception, to sunday service, to family thanksgiving dinner.


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