Ankara Collection: Two Piece Play Set

Hello loves!

It’s official, my love for Ankara print and tailor made clothes (Read: Tailored Paisley) has gone next level. I’m not sure how far this will go but there’s nothing quite like clothes meant to fit your body seeing that I’m a tall long limb-ed girl.

… So I got this set made, ironically each piece separately by two different tailors. It was not intentional, it just so happened that I’d extra material left over after the shorts were made but that tailor was busy so I went to another. I opted for shorts just to have something different from the usual dresses and skirts. What I like about this outfit is that I have so many different options of styling the pieces although I think together is best.

Option 1: A white T simultaneously tones down the bold bright print while making it the main attraction of the outfit. I’ve also worn this to work on a casual Friday with a fitted white shirt and the shorts obviously rolled down to my knees.

Option 2: The full set is quite a winner, it was the most liked on my Instagram feed (@angietinashe). It’s just so in your face, you can’t miss it. Crop top + shirts, what more could one add?

Option 3: Pairing the crop top with a long skirt controls the amount of skin exposed. This skirt was originally a full dress that I cut but you can read about that here and here. I personally feel if I expose the top part of my body then I’ll cover the bottom half and vice versa to create balance.

Thank you so much for visiting and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Let me know what other ways you’d style this print. Xx Ange!

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3 thoughts on “Ankara Collection: Two Piece Play Set

  1. I’d wear a white long sleeve shirt with the short and layer with a blazer (just around the length of the shorts).
    The short, a yellow or white camisole and a hat to the beach

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  2. Angie, i absolutely love love this! I’m going to try the shorts (once i have mine tailored) with the shirt idea. Absolutely perfect for a Sunday lunch for me! Thank you!

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