Fragrance Review: Valentina by Valentino


Unlike both my sisters I’m no fragrance fundi. I’m very particular about scents and most perfumes give me headaches so I’ve asked my sister Shamiso to tell me about one of the many cute designer  bottles scattered on her dresser- Valentina by Valentino.

The September 2011 fragrance crafted by Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp who gave us CK One, Kenzo Flower and Thierry Mugler’s Angel is one of floral-fruity-oriental notes. Valentina has been described as delicate yet strong, sensual, elegant, rebellious and fun. This fragrance’s base notes are vanilla, cedar and amber, infused with bergamot, white truffles, orange blossoms, strawberries, tuberose and jasmine.


Q: Describe Valentina (fruity, floral, woody, etc…):
A: Floral, a little fruity and just the right amount of vanilla.
Q: Why this particular fragrance?
A: I loved the bottle. It appealed to me and because it was feminine but strong- a contradiction I absolutely relate to. It’s very classy, elegant. Also, I think my all time favourite is Donna by Valentino. I think they are a bit similar, so I stuck to Valentino. They get me.
Q: Where did you first see this fragrance?
A: Next to the other Valentino fragrances, ie Donna  and I was curious enough to try it out.
Q: Why this brand?
A: Valentino gets me. They are feminine with a quiet masculinity. …Atleast I aspire to this look and feel. No complications.
Q: What other fragrances or beauty products have you purchased from this brand before?
A:Donna by Valentino.
Q: What ingredients do you smell?
A: Vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla. I don’t like overwhelming notes.
Q: What comes to mind when you smell this fragrance?
A: 1. Powerful women who don’t need to show or tell that they are powerful.
2. It’s a signature scent, a potential classic one.
Q: How does this fragrance make you feel?
A: Grounded. Like I know what I’m about. There’s a finality about it. It’s not fleeting. It also makes me feel grown-up and settled.


Q: Does the name suit/match the scent:
A: Definitely! Valentina is the male version of Valentino. It links up to femininity with a hint of masculinity.
Q: Does it last through the day?
A: Yes.
Q: Heavy or light fragrance?
A: Not very light, but yes, I would say light.
Q: Day time or night fragrance?
A: Day or night. It’s the kind of fragrance that doesn’t require approval or working according to a set of rules.

Q: How often do you use the fragrance and how long have you had it?

A: Daily, a month or two (depends on the quantity you buy).

16680_StockZoomed (1)

A: Daily, a month or two (depends on the quantity you buy).
Q: So is it a special occasion or everyday wear fragrance?
A: Everyday!
Q: What age group would you place this fragrance?
A: Late 20s and above.
Q: What kind of woman would wear this fragrance?
A: Not at all the girly kind of woman.
Q: Where did you buy it and for how much? Also, was it worth the price tag?
A:Edgars, can’t remember the price but it was a fair price.
Q: Would you recommend this fragrance and why?
A: Yes, but it’s quite a grown up vibe so if you’re looking for a fun fragrance it’s not for you.
Q: Lastly, your take on the bottle design (colour, shape, size, functionality, etc…):
A: The bottle itself is simple. The three flowers pinned on it give it a simple yet classy flair. It’s a lot like accessorizing a well-fitting yet simple dress.
Q: What do you think of the fragrance’s marketing campaign (if you’ve seen it)?
A: Never seen it 


Q: Did this fragrance meet your expectations and would you buy this again?
A: Funny, it did not. Simply because I was thinking about Donna, I was competing them against one another. Unfair of me.
Q: On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being disappointed and 5 being very satisfied) please rate the fragrance:
A: 4
Q: Name a similar fragrance:
A: Donna and Chloe.
Q: Any last notes?
A: I’d keep the bottle, the neutral flowers can fit into any setting.
Q: Your next fragrance?
A: I haven’t decided yet.


Valentina is available in 30, 50 and 80ml EDP, with additional body lotion and shower gel at Woolworths (click here), Edgars (click here) and Dischem (click here). 

Thank you visiting and let me know what fragrances you’re currently loving below. Love & Light.

Ange. Xx

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