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There are many reasons why people choose to wear wigs such as hair diseases, saving money on costly hair styles, they’re in between trips to the salon, taking a break from styling or you have a case of a bad hair day. 

Growing up I always thought wigs were for old people or people with serious hair problems. For the most part, wigs were never really designed in the latest trendy styles. It was always the mushroom/ Queen Elizabeth cut. That obviously never appealed to a girl like me and I found them rather embarrassing. Oh societal stigmas!

Fast forward to more recent times, Kylie Jenner wears a different wig almost every day. I have to admit it was her who completely changed my perception of wigs. She’s obviously not the first person on this earth to wear a wig (BIG NO) but for me it was seeing a young 17/18 year old teenager (almost 8 years my junior) wearing not just a wig but a variety of wigs in very pretty pastel colours, styles, lengths and shapes. I mean if teenagers are openly and very confidently wearing wigs and posting it up on Instagram then surely that’s all the approval I need, right?

Kylie Jenner

gallery-1444743399-gettyimages-492409274 (2)

Toke Makinwa

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.08.22 AMToke-makinwa-hairstyles-01317076411_471715486552353_6579419083157012480_n

I wore my hair in beaded corn rows for the most part of 2017 since I decided to cut sew-in weaves out of my life for good and go natural (read: ‘You can buy your hair if it won’t grow!’ here). In between my trips to the hair salon after taking out my braids or corn rows I’d wear a wig and in that one or two weeks I came to really like and appreciate wigs quite a lot. It’s refreshing to be able to walk out the house looking like a completely new person while giving my hair a break. I now have 3 synthetic and 1 human hair wig I had custom made with old hair pieces. My hair line is literally a centimetre from my eyebrows so I always opt for wigs with a fringe/bangs because I can’t have a wig sitting on my forehead. I’m now hoping to invest my coins in a pricey long bob lace front wig soon.



To view more beaded braid styles read: ‘The Mane Chick’ here.

I’m still getting the hang of wearing wigs. Sometimes I wonder if the wig looks right on my head, is it sliding off, did I place it too far forward or too far back, are people looking at me, is it too shiny or cheap looking, does the style suit me or do I look proper in this wig? Well, I have learnt that the key is to own it! Yes, everybody knows it’s not your real hair and nobody is trying to contest you on that so own it and rock it with confidence. You are not your hair.

Some wigs I’ve had fun experimenting with:


Here are a few reasons why you should consider wigs:
• You can test a new look before going permanent, like colouring or cutting your hair into that risqué sharp pixie because we all know how hair dressers can sometimes mess up (Read: ‘Why do hair dressers never follow instructions?’ here). Also you can try out that style using cheaper synthetic hair before spending your hard earned pennies on pricey human hair for that style.
• A wig is an instant new do honey! No time or money is spent on trips to the salon just to get a quick switch up from your everyday corporate style. Besides the weekend is only 2 days long, you need to transform back into your work look with ease.
• Protect your hairline from tight braiding and your hair from harsh drying weather. A wig doesn’t interfere with your hair and allows it to grow healthily under the wig.
• Wigs allow you to build a collection of options. You can have a wig for every occasion, every outfit and every season.
• Unlike a sew-in weave, a wig is not permanently styled. You can cut, colour, add extensions and even braid a wig into corn rows or single braids. I’ve even seen a person re-style a wig to wear it back-to-front.
• If you’re not comfortable with hair dressers touching you or you are fussy about your personal space and don’t like being in crowded salons then wigs are just for you. You can style your hair in the comfort of your own home to the look of your choice.
• For the love of DIY! You can make your own wigs just by simply purchasing a wig cap, some gripping clips, a needle, thread and the hair of your desired look. With the help of a couple Youtube tutorials you can create your own wig from scratch and with the amount of techniques to choose from it is actually very easy. Wig making is a skill worth having as it saves you a lot of money and can help you start a wig business if you become very good at it.
• There are so many different types of textures to choose from. One can choose from the tightest 4c curls to lose wavy curls and further sleek bone straight hair.
• Apart from textures you can alternate between lengths and colours too. The brightly coloured pastels, platinum blondes and greys have become quite trendy over the last year.


I definitely do not miss having to style my sew-in weave.


Over and above the fact that the wig industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years, the demand has also been affected by the “big chop/ go natural” trend where women also want natural textured wigs and extensions in various curl patterns and textures that closely mimic their own natural hair. We have come a very long way in embracing our ethnic hair in it’s kinky coils. This also allows the relaxed sisters to play around with different textures too.

A lot of women have decided to go natural and by going natural a lot of them resort to wigs as a protective hair style. This means that wigs have taken a big bite out of hair dressers income because their regular clients now wear wigs and don’t need to visit the salon as much, if at all. The wig game has advanced so much that wigs also come in braids and corn rows so nobody has to spend 6-8 hours in a chair anymore.

17333408_253689971707245_679437102940684288_n14624516_1887870058101865_1252003007101403136_n - Copy

Custom/tailor made and lace front wigs are all the fuss in the wig world right now. More so the glue-less and baby hair effect are the most important features of a good wig. I personally would recommend people stay away from glue as much as possible. Incorrectly used glue is going to be the main cause for hair loss and scalp problems some years from now. Sadly Naomi Campbell is a result of this.

Remember to look after your own hair as much as you do your wigs, wash, condition and moisturise. I believe if you can spend a fortune on artificial hair then surely your hair deserves same the love too. A wig is not an excuse to forget about your own hair.

Naomi Campbell

On the flip side, don’t be fooled, wigs require a certain amount of maintenance too. Regularly wash and condition your wigs. Avoid petroleum based oily products as they weigh down and overwhelm the hair. It also just makes the hair a dust and dirt magnate. Also, always check how much heat your wig can handle to avoid irreversible heat damage.

By the way if you need help with any and everything regarding wigs, Youtube is your friend. There are tutorials about any kind of wig questions you might have. I recently discovered multiple methods to dye a synthetic wig right off Youtube. And even better, you can watch other people’s wig reviews before you make a purchase.

Different wig styles to choose from:


17596694_1483937721678590_53198976756744192_n 17125640_897975843638427_3397384187005632512_n

Wig makers (click the name to view their Instagram pages):

Onatural Wigs

onatural wigs


Gcinile Thobela of M and M All Things Posh



Ubuhle Hand Made

Read more about this wig maker here




Wigs by Mimi



Rerhi Does my Wig



16465876_390191211355906_1024176101812862976_n15403566_590419611148651_6087874386960842752_n                                 16906766_1434489923250737_5440246151116750848_n16788679_276144182817054_3234613602321170432_n

Brazil Hair Salon




Thank you for reading. Drop your favorite wig styles, wig makers, suppliers and care tips in the comments below.  Stay fab! Xx.


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