The Best of 2017 in Beauty Products

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I am in the happiest mood ever! I’m excited a good year has come to an end an amazing one is about to start. I worked so very hard this year that I lost track of time, it still hasn’t hit me that there are 5 days left of the year. That’s how busy I’ve been. I put in so much mental, physical and emotional energy into 2017 which has made me so optimistic about the new year and all the great things in store. …but I digress.

Having been pre-occupied with a hectic schedule all year long I was lucky enough to find products that made the up keep of my personal and beauty well-being easier. The products I’ve gathered for this post went beyond my expectations though some brands I’d been using for a while. Using products that you know won’t let you down is comforting especially during times you have no time for yourself.

In no particular order these were my faves for 2017, I hope to find more gems in 2018 so please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser- Having horrible acne scarring left me with enlarged pores on my cheeks which I absolutely hate. I contemplated using anti-aging creams to tighten my skin but came across this instant pore eraser. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest) I’d rate it a 3.5. My foundation basically glides on after applying this product which has a silicone texture.


2. Yardley Stay Fast Pressed Powder in Walnut- It’s pressed powder! No mess. What more could I want? I reapply powder 2-3 times a day to keep a matte look. This opaque-like powder allows me to wear a light layer of make up because it covers the dark acne scars that my foundation does not.


3. Estee Lauder Set + Refresh Perfecting Make Up Mist- This is not a product I need to use every day but I particularly like the effect it creates on my eye brows and helps my lipstick last longer. I did a mini review of this mist on my Instagram page (click here).


4. Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make Up Remover- The first time I used an eye make up remover was a complete nightmare. It burnt my eyes and I said never again until I got a free sample of Estee Lauder’s version and it was a dream. It is the gentlest remover that does not burnt eyes and it also gets through water proof mascara.


5. Johnson’s Facial Wipes- I’m one of those people who used to think ‘what’s the point of wiping your face if you’re going to wash with water anyway?’ Well, sometimes life happens and you’re stuck in a no water situation after a long hot day with a full face of make up and that is when a facial wipe will save your life. I also like how they help you remove excess make up before washing and break through water proof mascara. These facial wipes are the definition of moisture.


6. L.A Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick in Frisky- I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for probably two years now. I can safely say this red matte lipstick comes close. The wand applicator helps achieve those perfectly shaped red lips though I’m still trying to get the hang of matte lipsticks.

unnamed (4)images (13)

7. Catrice Glam & Smokey Eye Shadow Palette- I used a similar purple/plum palette all of 2016 so it was only right that I get this palette. It has just the right amount of colours to blend.


8. L.A Girl Velvet Bronzer Contour Stick in Goddess- I like this product because unlike my usual powdered bronzer it won’t smash and crumble creating a mess in my make up bag. This bronzer also doubles as a lightly pigmented lipstick! Who knew?!



9. Black Opal True Color Pore perfecting Liquid Foundation in Hazelnut- I nearly fainted in shock at the pore erasing effect this foundation has, it’s ridiculous! I swatched a bit of it on my hand and watched my pores instantly disappear. Having the kind of dry skin that I have, the matte perfection is crazy! I had to buy this foundation immediately though it has a medium coverage as opposed to my usual full coverage Black Opal Foundation Stick.

BLK_TC_PPLIQFND_TTPZ_WCTN_1000x1000_DDFB6157EF187_E52F428D519CE10. Just Shea Butter- Shea butter is something I’ve never been keen on using simply for it’s thick hard texture and I hate greasy residue on my skin. My sister gave me one of her tubs after I saw how moisturised her skin was and suggested I give it a try. I thought of popping the butter in the microwave in an attempt to soften it but I figured the plastic container might melt and I’ll destroy the nutrients of the butter.  Eventually I thought of putting the butter in the bath tub while I run a very hot bath and voila! It melts perfectly each time I take a bath and I can literally pour it into my hand. There is no residue and my extra dry skin is moisturised all day. I noticed a change after only 2 days of use! One tub goes for R150.00 from @justsheabutter on Instagram.


11. Ma-ni-cures! – My nail technician is the best. He is very fast and gives you exactly what you want. I had everyone complimenting my nails and they last for 4-6 weeks, no cracks or chips. I started on a nude pinks colour obsession to a metallic craze this year.



12. Palmer’s EVERYTHING!- I converted to the coconut life this year and I’m never ever looking back. I have naturally very dry skin that tends to itch at times. No more dry cracked skin with coconut oil. I also created a little concoction for my scalp of Plamer’s coconut oil, MPL coconut oil and tea tree oil which I apply twice a week. My scalp has not itched since.


13. Zara fragrance- Joyful Tuberose- I’m very fussy about heavy scents so this light rose fragrance is perfect. Lasts all day.


Stay fabulous,  stay beautiful!


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