Ankara Collection: A Dash of Orange

20171001_163626-01 - Copy Hi there!

I have strangely developed a keen liking to not only the colour orange but off-shoulder gypsey tops! My mom gave me a tiny scrap piece of material left over from a dress she made for someone and this popping dash of orange on blue was just too pretty for me to stash away. The material was too little to create something extravagant but just enough to create something so I came up with a trendy gypsey top which could easily double up as a peplam detail if worn on the waist. I’m also going through a ‘custom made EVERYTHING’ phase so I plan on getting 2 more gypsey tops made. It is so satisfying to have clothes tailor made to fit your body and specifications, also NOBODY ELSE HAS THAT EXACT SAME OUTFIT!!! I also appreciate getting to collaborate with different tailors on my creative ideas.

I’ve never been one to show skin but this very cute summer outfit could easily be my December parties uniform, yes I like it that much!

20171001_161303-01 - Copy

20171001_161424-01 - Copy20171001_165526 - Copy

By the way how fitting is this Dune London mini bag???

20171001_164441-01 - CopyAirBrush_20171001194102 - Copy

20171001_172218-01 - Copy

Dune London
Dune London
Dolce & Gabana
Dune London


More of what I like to call the ‘Afro Gypsy’ look (click here):

be00a12a8d7211ba40d32cdb44fe78fc - Copy268b4bf8b9a96b2ef55b455a4bf116a7 - Copy

Have a great week and lets meet on Instagram @angietinashe (click here)


AirBrush_20171001175036-01 - Copy

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5 thoughts on “Ankara Collection: A Dash of Orange

  1. U look very pretty! I love the colours and the way u styled it. U look classy. Id love to see more like this. Ur skin is beautiful too. x x x

    Liked by 1 person

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