Tailored Paisley 

Hi there!

If you’re a regular visitor of this blog you might think pink is my favourite colour because I wear so much of it. Wrong! Truth is I just find it very easy to style, it’s  actually kinda starting to bore me.

My sister gave me 1.5 meters of this paisley print material and bold as it is you can imagine I had no idea what to do with it but I just knew it had to be something eye catching. A few months later, a whole lot of inspiration from Pinterest and trying out a new tailor this is the final product. It only made sense to me that I pair it with white to keep the look sophisticated, though I think a white knee length dress, hot pink heels and a fascinator would look absolutely stunning for a fancy event or wedding (channeling my inner Kate Middleton here).

Tailored Paisley- Angie Tinashe

I’m really happy with how this jacket turned out, the tailor created it to my exact specifications. Being the long limbed girl that I am I’ve never had sleeves go past my wrist, let alone dare touch them. I think my sister secretly admires my jacket too. I’m really liking custom made clothes that fit my body measurements, so much that I’ve designed a garment for my tailor to make every month. It’s worth every penny AND nobody is going to have the same outfit.

Have a lovely week ahead and don’t forget to link up on Instagram: @angietinashe 

Xx. Ange😘

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