26 Thus Far

Well 26 started off on a high of note!

Last year I shared with you my 25 Lessons in 25 Years but this time around I’m sharing with you how I’ve just been coping with …growing up!

                                                                             *     *     *

Everything is just happening. So much to deal with. If it’s not people buggin’ then it’s the bills & adulting, finances not adding up, friends acting up or changes in the work space. I’ve had so much to deal with in the last 3 months I nearly had panic attacks and I actually physically got sick. I have these endless stress related headaches from the moment I wake up… . I feel as though I’m not entirely sure what’s going half the time…


through it all I’ve realized that you have to fight. Fight for your life. Punches and challenges will be swinging at you from every angle but you have to get up and put up a dam good fight. When life advances to the next level you bring you’re a-game and apply a totally different version of you. You level up as well.

There was briefly a time in July when I felt absolutely defeated by everything, I could not spend a day without something going wrong or somebody just messing my flow. In as much as I so badly wanted to just shut down and lock myself in my room or scream my lungs out or better, run away to a far away land I had to get my big girl panties on and pep talk myself through that shaky moment before I reached a dark point. Life is never going to be gentle on you and there’s no time for whinging and sympathy so fight back. There is no favour, you have to toughen up and beat life at it’s own game. And since that time things are (slowly, slowly surely) getting better. It’s not all roses but I’mreally trying and I can see the difference. Things are looking up.

Through all the things that I’m experiencing I’ve learnt the importance of standing for something, being steadfast in who you are and what you believe in. Your principals and values will definitely come into play more often now. If you don’t stand for something you WILL fall for anything. The wind will easily sway you and in some instances boldly knock you over.

26 Thus Far- Angie Tinashe

There’s a quote that goes “the roots of a tree grow stronger and deeper in times of stormy weather”. Through every experience I have decided to use it as a platform for not only growth because the deeper your roots grow, the higher your branches grow. Generally I am a person who believes in looking for the lesson and teaching in every situation. One bad day is not a bad life, don’t allow yourself to be miserable over one tough day.

When July rolled around it vaguely dawned on me that exactly half the year had gone by, a full 6months and I hadn’t made any effort to achieving any of the goals and targets I’d set for myself at the beginning of the year, some the previous year. And as you can guess my excuse was work. Truth be told, work did hit me like a rollercoaster but it is no excuse to leave my dreams by the way side. I just have to learn to block out the noise of the world and focus on my focus because nobody is going to come to my door step and give me what I want on silver platter.

Another thing that was distracting me is this “YOLO!” motto I somehow adopted at the beginning the year. Live for now! Party now! Enjoy life now! Live in the moment!  As much as it is crucial to enjoy my golden twenties years I also need to make progress now, make some achievements. I know a lot of people who’ve reached 30 would probably laugh at me and say “girl you are dreaming! We’re still trying to figure it out”  but I want to be one of those people who can safely look back on their twenties and say yes! I bagged some pretty dope achievements.

26 Thus Far- Angie Tinashe

Tips to adjusting with the changes:

  • For now, party hard but work harder
  • Have honest conversations with yourself about everything: relationships, money,  career, friendships, etc…
  • Define your goals and vision for your life
  • Surround yourself with people who are trying to get to the same places you’re headed. It’s all about vision
  • Say no. Don’t commit yourself to things you will not be able to fulfill. You only have so much time in a day/week and there’s only so much of you to stretch
  • When life changes, you must change with it- adapt or die!
  • Talk to people, don’t bottle up things. You’ll find you’re in the same boat with so many others
  • Don’t worry too much about friends, some will go and others might stay. We’re all walking our different paths
  • TIME OUT! Take time off. Switch off, log out and disconnect. Tend to your well being and take care of yourself (that includes getting enough sleep and eating right)
  • Do something completely spontaneous and fun once in while
  • Stay calm. Everything is going to be just fine

About this outfit:

26 Thus Far- Angie Tinashe
Photo Art
26 Thus Far- Angie Tinashe

I actually cut this spicy peek-a-boo crop top from a brand new dress I never actually wore. I blogged about it on Can You Handle the Heat?’ .Now This is an outfit to show off! Skirt: Mr Price (old)/ Sunnies & Heels: Call It Spring

Have yourselves a lovely Wednesday and do take care of yourselves. Xx

Love, Angie!

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