The Over Sized Denim Jacket

A happy Friday to you!

Like many trends Kim Kardashian West is arguably responsible for the return of the denim jacket. To be honest a classic wardrobe staple like a denim jacket never goes out of style really so one could say she sort of remixed the old school with the new school look. She’s been wearing this over sized sometimes off-shoulder or over-shoulder look for a long while now and yes, everyone is following suit.


What I particularly like about her jackets is the Yeezy influenced custom graffitti she has on them. In true Kim K style she even has one with her face painted on it. Yep! It’s that deep.


I wonder if Mrs West wakes up and just thinks up fashion trends to start or old trends to revive. I mean does she have a strategic trend setting plan set in place and a whole team behind it? Because let’s be honest she is responsible for a lot of fashion choices. Maybe not directly but she’s behind it alright. Love her or hate her, this woman is influence.


Now back to my outfit…

I’ve had this jacket for almost 2 years yet simple as it is I wasn’t sure how to style it, it just never looked right. The problem is that I’d seem someone who was much shorter wearing it as a dress, forgetting that I’m so tall it wasn’t going to look the same… Anyway…  I noticed how one of my current ‘go-to’ fashion blogger and stylist @by_teelokwae is slaying her denim jacket. My look was inspired by her and how she wears denim with white.  I quite like her style as it is similar to mine: trendy-minimal while focusing on one or two key pieces. Clean and effortless.


I’ve never worn white pants because I find them tricky to get right, i.e the thickness of the material (no see through vibes please!), trying to stay clean all day and white is just not a slimming colour. But I did challenge myself to be a lot more experimental with my style this year  in my post ‘7 Fashion Resolutions for 2017‘ and white pants are definitely a winner. More looks to inspire you:

All black in boots and a hoodie like @blakevond


@vanessamatsena gives of a sexy-boyish vibe wearing a body suit with baggy boyfriend jeans in denim-on-denim.


@stylesbytumi  does a cute matching denim and blush pink ensemble with her other half.


A trendy fashionista keeps it simple wearing her denim jacket with a hat in this street style look.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a stylish weekend and lets meet on Instagram: @angietinashe


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