What’s in my weekend bag?


Is it just me or did April flash by? We had so many public holidays through Easter, Freedom Day and Workers day which turned every weekend into a long weekend. It was honestly a little too much for me. I went to work 3 days a week! My longest long weekend was a whole 5 days. Though the rest was well worth it (I slept like a baby) and we officially bid summer farewell I got bored at some point since my mini vacation plans bombed dismally … *story for another day*

So through all these long weekends I changed bags a lot because during the week I carry a bigger, more practical formal bag that I just pack with a lot of junk really but on weekends I switch to a smaller bag because I absolutely hate big bags. I find them so cumbersome and the temptation to carry unnecessary stuff “I might need”  which I never do is real. I also don’t like the weight of a big bag. I once weighed my bag in varsity when I had pain in my shoulders only to be shocked with the 1.5kg I was schlepping around with me back and fourth to campus everyday. That was when the end of over sized bags for me.

About this bag- I bought this Saddle bag at Forever New for about R500 two years ago. It is still perfectly intact and I still very much in love with it. What attracted me to this mini to medium sized bag was the tassle charm, the flap and gold chain.  The truth is I’m kind of obsessed with their bags as this is my third one and I plan on getting another for Mother’s day. The quality is top notch and what I like about their designs and colours is that they’re not too out there and are more of the every day simplistic look. Their bags match with everything.


On weekends I ditch all the chunky unused items like my tablet, my A5 notebook, water bottle, stacks of random paper, make-up bag, memory stick and earphones because chances are I’m not going to need them if I’m out with my bestie or I’m shopping. So these are the minimal essential items I keep in my weekend bag;

1.My wallet -cause you can’t do anything without money!

485260886 - Copy

2.Tissue- a lady always keeps tissue.

3.Sun glasses- I’ve never been a sunnies fanatic, doubt I ever will be but only on weekends do I ever feel I might want to wear my Call It Spring  sunnies.

4.Floss- it’s easier to store than toothpicks. Works better anyway.dental_floss

5.Hand sanitizer- I used to be one of those people who didn’t get the point of sanitizer, I mean just wash your hands! But I’m not always in reach of good old water and soap so this is the best alternative.

download (3)

6.Palmer’s concentrated cream- …because after we sanitize we gotta moisturise! Sanitizers tend to dry out your hands due to the alcohol content in them and it’s winter now so I always keep Palmer’s anything near by.


7.Lip gloss and mascara- I’m not a lipstick girl, lip gloss alone does the trick. I’m also don’t use eye liner because it smudges so I like to pile on mascara. It gives that pop effect.

8.Tester size version of any fragrance- why carry around a huge bottle of perfume? I have the tendency to smash these bottles on the floor and there is nothing as heartbreaking as losing a good R5-800 so I keep a few tiny 15ml testers in my bag. It doesn’t have to be my current fragrance though. Right now I’m stuck on my all time favourite, Thierry Mugler’s Alien. This is also a nice way to test fragrances I might want to buy.


9.Pressed powder and brush- I am never without powder, ever! Gotta stay matte and flawless, darling. I lost my compact retractable brush so I’m using the big one for now. It makes quite a mess in my bag so I wrap it in tissue when I do remember.

10.Extra pair of diamond studs- for when I get dressed and leave the house in a rush. Though honestly these studs just permanently live in this bag.home_banner_2_09_07_2016

11.Compact mirror- …for the touch ups.

12.Blistex lip balm- this little magic potion saved my life! I was prescribed some harsh drying acne medication that cracked my lips but Blistex restored my lips in literally 12hours. This is a lifetime product.Qbhwt4XvPDjhbaVh2dwKtw

Lastly, the obvious- house keys and my phone.

Those are the items I keep with me to ensure an easy and stress-free weekend. Thanks for reading and do tell me what items you cannot live without.

Xx. Ange.

* * *

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