Seasons Change, Hello Winter!

 Hello 🙂


So it seems winter has been a little bit over zealous this year. It started way too early. I noticed this when I was sitting by our large living room window with my mom on Sunday afternoon as we trying to get warm in the little bit of sunshine while comparing with last year’s winter. The trees still have all their leaves and the grass is green, if not growing still. It  looks like autumn has just begun yet we are freezing! As much as I hate winter (for obvious reasons) there are some things that I do appreciate about it, such as:

  1. There’s a lot less dust to clean up.
  2. No creepy crawly insects in sight, flies to be specific.
  3. My make-up stays beat and (almost)  oil-free all day long. No melting.
  4. Though my skin getssuper dry it clears up. Appearance of sun burn, acne scars and dark marks reduces drastically.
  5. Food stays fresher for longer.
  6. My mom’s fresh cut flowers last a long while.
  7. And yes! Winter is my absolute favourite fashion season. I love the challenge of dressing up with layers of different textures (leather, wool, corduroy,…) yet trying to dress warmly at the same time. Sometimes the cold doesn’t care about you wanting to look cute.

Imagine if we only had gloomy grey skies all year long or the baking heat or soaking flash floads? Life would be very boring, we wouldn’t see the movement of time and progress in our lives. We wouldn’t have anything exciting to look forward to in the coming of a new season. We wouldn’t appreciate the summer’s  heat a little more in the winter time and  neither would we enjoy the rich fruit and vegetables in the spring time.

The change in weather to me is a reminder that in life no matter what  kind of tough times you go through, change is bound to come, you have to keep going, the same way we endure the harsh winters. We don’t stay in our homes snuggled up in bed because it’s too cold outside. Nothing stays as is forever and like my dad says often ‘only change is a constant’.

Much like life, the weather doesn’t wait for you to get prepared for the change, it just happens but the cool part is that God made us strong enough to with stand those abrupt turbulent times and storms in our lives, to find our balance, remain unshaken and come out on the other end stronger and more experienced at life. We go through various seasons in our lives, some more pleasurable and enjoyable than others and others are a complete battle field but they all happen for a very valid reason that we eventually come to understand.

I actually love that I live in a part of the world where I get to experience all 4 seasons in 12 months. It’s a total 360 perspective of the year. Being a person who strongly believes in variety being the spice of life I embrace this winter and look forward to enjoying  the warmer  days again in a couple of months time. I can’t wait to start making spicy butternut soups and finally watching the new season of Game of Thrones because you know, thee winter we have been waiting for has finally come in this season (… yeah only GoT fans would get it😎)


About this outfit:

I bought these nude/caramel shoes on a whim. Didn’t need them but because the money was there they were bought. *bad spending habits, I know😒* Funny enough I didn’t like the caramel colour in contrast to my chocolate feet, though they looked great in the store they just looked so awkward and I didn’t know what on earth to pair them with. But thanks to some Pinterest and Instagram guidance I figured that light to medium colours compliment this colour more against my own complexion.  Now I like the shoes so much I want to wear them everywhere! 


Outfit Details-

Coat: Mr Price (old)/  Bag: Borrowed/  Shoes: Jet/  Sunnies: Call It Spring!/  Cropped Jeans and Shirt: Fashion Express

Get well acquainted with the cold yall! It’s going to be a looong winter.  Let’s link up on The Gram: @angietinashe.

XO. Ange!

  *   *   *


We Be Blazin’

Brrrrr! It’s cold!

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