How To Style The Pleated Skirt

Hi All!

You may have noticed the growing trend that is pleats! The very pleats that a lot of us probably nostalgically remember our moms and grans wearing.

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There is actually a variety of pleat styles to choose from though the most commonly known styles are the side pleat (a.k.a the knife pleat), box pleat and accordion pleat. 6ea69d57-d166-4979-8764-a81b0012e8c7_1.0e5b8aca8632c7f9edf9187041e0cc82

I wore a box pleated green tartan skirt as part of my high school uniform for a whole five years! I can confirm that having to iron those pleats was what made me absolutely detest pleats for a long time, though I still love tartan and plaid prints. They took what felt like a lifetime to iron, never mind getting the skirt to sit right on the ironing board when you only had 10 minutes left to catch the school bus. *womp!* Fast forward some 9 years later I’m kinda warming up to them. Pleats are starting to appeal to me in a more feminine and ladylike way, rather than old outdated aunty vibe. I think the word I’m looking for is ‘delicate’.

Thembi Seete

One look that caught my eye was Thembi Seete’s recent pink and pleat ensemble. It’s safe to call her outfit a triple threat because she managed to mix 3 key trends, the velvet, the floral and the pleats in one outfit, not mentioning her colour scheme.  Stunner much?! Couldn’t have expected any less from her.

There are so many ways to style pleats and I’ve decided to forget about my school days, get creative and get on trend. If like me you need a little help styling pleats have a look at some fashionable ensembles you might want to give a go with your skirt:



Deep Jewel Tones


Denim Shirt or Jacket




Bold & Beautiful


Soft Pastel

Semi-patent leather


Statement T or Sweater

                 0e3db9d2f8ae4f92b6d517dee040e69cc8fc63d56a2af2f2f5bc7fbb9594d0f9                                     211624aaca09a21797034da8011e93aa0dbd17672b2a604c00a3f2a50157abdd






Oversized Knits


Leather Jacket


Don’t be afraid to mix up trends as you see in the pics above, creativity can’t be judged.

Have yourself a fabulously stylish week and let’s link up on The Gram: @angietinashe.

Thanks for stopping by. Xx, Ange.

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7 thoughts on “How To Style The Pleated Skirt

  1. Lovely, i love pleated skirts. I currently have a navy one from FOSCHINI. I also really want to buy this camouflage one i saw recently…..It might be a bit risky LOL but at least now I have seen many ways of rocking it.

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