Trend Alert – Fishnet Tights

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Can you believe it?! Fishnets are back and are doing their thing out on the streets. This time around it’s called ‘fishnet flashing’.  I doubt fishnets were ever seen as classy, more trashy than anything but they might just become thee trend. Celebs such as Kendall Jenner are leading the fashion game rocking the punk-rocker-80s-grunge style.

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Let’s not forget, Riri did it first! She was rocking fishnets in her “What’s my name’ video back in 2011 guys! Yep! She’s in a class of her own.


The most popular look is to pair your ripped denims with fishnets to pull off an even edgier outfit. It has that cheeky ‘peek-a-boo’ vibe.  It’s too easy to achieve so I’d say go for this option if you’re daring. A little detail goes a long way hey. Do stick to loose/boyfriend denims in a light wash though, to keep the contrast.

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On a personal note I’ve never favoured fishnets and I’m sure very few people even own a pair in their closet. I prefer the exposed ankle look with a smaller diamond pattern compared to midriff baring, it’s a lot more subtle but there.




fishnet_tights_denim_trend - Copy


Go the extra mile and give your fishnets that touch of burlesque with some sparkly jewels or floral patterns which are very in right now in the fashion world.





Have a look at how one of my favourite bloggers Miss Enocha absolutely slayed this look on her blog, Locks and Trinkets


You can shop your fishnets at Woolworths (click the link):

Fishnet pantihose from Woolworths for R69.95


Fishnet tights from Woolworths for R179.00


Large mesh sock from Witchery for R99.00


This is most definitely one of those ‘I just threw this on’ risque looks, probably won’t last a long time either so have some fun and JUST DO IT! YOLO!

More looks to inspire you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(#SideNote: keep your shoes closed. A closed toe shoe keeps the look refined and you out of the trashy zone. Go for boots (hi or low), flats or heels.)

So what’d you guys think about fishnets? Quirky or ?

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