Fragrance Review: La vie est belle by Lancome


I’ve been planning on having a guest blogger for a while and who better than my fragrance fanatic big sister Annah (a.k.a Belle). The marketing researcher in me also gets to indulge my curiosity in consumer behavior. Annah is going to be doing a series of fragrance reviews of her favourites here on AngieTinashe, so do get acquainted. Her first review is of Lancome’s 2012 La vie est belle. Let’s get to it shall we?!

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Q: Describe La vie est belle (fruity, floral, woody, etc…):

Annah: La vie est belle is a rich floral fragrance which is sweet to the nose. It has undeniable semblances of a mix of natural ingredients that just make you want to keep breathing it in. It’s very warm and inviting.

Q: Why this particular fragrance?

Annah: Well, firstly I’m a lover of the French language and everybody knows me as ‘Belle.’ La vie est belle means ‘life is beautiful.’ Of all the fragrances that I enjoy, this one so far encapsulates a lot of who I am as a woman, as well as my personality in general. I also find that it has a particular reaction to my skin (natural scent) that just works well for me! Most of all, there is no other fragrance that gets me nearly as much attention as this one. It can be a little amusing but kids will want to hug me for longer, people would prefer sitting next to me because they enjoy the scent and men especially ask me what it is I have on and I get a lot of compliments for it. I mean… what more could a girl want?!

Q: Where did you first see this fragrance?

Annah: I first saw it in the cosmetics section of a store while looking for a new fragrance to try and the Lancôme agent suggested I try it, which I did. I have no regrets.

Q: Why this brand?

Annah: Lancôme. I find this brand to be intentional about bringing out the best in women. Their products are not about the look at any cost. I find their products tailor made to enrich whatever part of us they are designed for. Lancôme is also timeless and there just seems to be so much attention to detail in the process of bringing about any product. As sophisticated as it is brand-wise, I also find it very user friendly.

Q: What ingredients do you smell?

Annah: Flowers. Lol. Lots of flowers. Reminds me of iris and jasmine in particular.

Q: What comes to mind when you smell this fragrance?

Annah: Mmm… joyful femininity definitely comes to mind. It makes me think of a woman who is not uptight, graceful in all her ways, someone who is at peace with her weaknesses and yet in charge of her life. It really reminds me of what it truly means to be beautiful (belle) because of all the different ingredients entwined into one, just as a rainbow is. La vie est belle is a fragrance with an invitation to a woman’s warmth.

Q: How does this fragrance make you feel?

Annah: It actually makes me feel happy and confident that as I step out, I ain’t got nothing to worry about! If I’m remembered for anything on that particular day, how I smell will definitely be one of those things!


Q: Does the name suit/match the scent:

Annah: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Q: Does it last through the day?

Annah: It definitely does.

Q: Heavy or light fragrance?

Annah: In between.

Q: Day time or night fragrance?

Annah: Day time.


Q: How often do you use the fragrance and how long have you had it?

Annah: It’s the fragrance I always have to have amongst the others. I use it at least 3 times a week. I’ve been using it for almost two years now.

Q: So is it a special occasion or everyday wear fragrance?

Annah: For me, it’s my everyday fragrance but it could work for special occasions on another person.

Q: What age group would you place this fragrance?

Annah: I think younger women would appreciate this fragrance too. Late twenties going on…

Q: What kind of woman would wear this fragrance?

Annah: One wanting to leave a lasting impression! I think a woman who is comfortable smelling sweet and feminine.

Q: Where did you buy it and for how much? Also, was it worth the price tag?

Annah: I usually buy mine from Truworths or anywhere I can get it really. How much? That’s my weakness lol. It’s affordable in my books (cough cough). Yes, it is worth it.

Q: Would you recommend this fragrance and why?

Annah: Yes I would. It lives up to it’s name.

Q: Lastly, your take on the bottle design (colour, shape, size, functionality, etc…):

Annah: I did a little research on the bottle design and the concept is fabulous but to be honest, I’m not much of a fan of the design. I really think they could have done more with it. I find it cumbersome to carry if I have to and you have to be careful how you hold it. The colour is great. My favourite part of the bottle is the little silvery/grey organza ribbon tied at the neck to form two wings. That’s quite symbolic! I like the glittery packaging as well.

Q: What do you think of the fragrance’s marketing campaign (if you’ve seen it)?

Annah: The marketing campaign hasn’t been a big fuss really. I don’t see much of it


Q: Did this fragrance meet your expectations and would you buy this again?

Annah: Yes. I started to like it even more as I used it for the first time. Well, I always have it lol.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being disappointed and 5 being very satisfied) please rate the fragrance:

Annah: 5

Q: Name a similar fragrance:

Annah: I’d say it’s a little like Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior.

Q: Any last notes?

Annah: For me, this was a great introduction to Lancôme.

Q: Your next fragrance?

Annah: I’d like to try a fragrance with a simple, light, ‘clean’ smell if that makes any sense! I’m currently quite curious about Chanel so I’ll head on that way and see how it goes.


*    *    *

Annah does her thing over at And thanks for visiting!

Ange. Xx


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