Angie’s HITLIST Faves- November


🙂 November was quite the busy month, events, get togethers with girls and family visits. I have a feeling December is going to be just as busy and fun!

1. Spring Spree Fashion Show: Though this event was poorly organised it was great to see new designs, Witbank never disappoints with the talent. I often find myself asking where these people hide?!


2. Girl’s Night Out:

My favourite outing of the month and needs no explaining…  🙂 We pulled off a ‘Solange Squad’ pic in the bathroom. lol yeah #WeTriedThat


3. An “out of the box” outfit:

I randomly put together this outfit and I totally loved it! It’ so unlike my usual style but I plan on experimenting a lot more going into the new year.


4. Corn rows:

YEEESSSSSS! I’m obsessed with plaited hair OMG! It’s stylish and stress free. My stylist did an amazingly neat job considering how short my hair is because I sure did get a lot of compliments. Possibly my of my favourite look to date.


5. ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

I swear I hear angels sing when I look at this book. I’ve had countless ‘Aha!’ moments while reading this. It has seriously opened up my mind, made me think and start to question a lot of social things. I’ve also learnt about the various experiences and what to expect if I ever get my act together and move abroad.


6. Isoplus Hairline & Edge Holding Gel:

I finally found a hairline gel that isn’t glittery, neither does it dry out to become flakey. Worth my 30 bucks!


7. La Familia

My grandmother and cousins visited for a few days. I don’t get to see family often so when I do it’s always lovely.  I always find it interesting to see how we’re still the kids we were from back when we used to play hide ‘n seek in the garden.

My cousin Joy and I after church

An that was my November. Do share all the cool, cute and wonderful things that are making you happy in the comment section below. As we go into December I wish everyone a happy, fun-filled and blessed festive season. I’m off to indulge in some juicy mangoes. YUMM! 😉

Ange. Xx

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