Black & Purple Ensemble

Yeah, I’m looking like a makoti (Zulu word for bride), on my #MakotiSwag LOL 😜 There are so many ways to wear a very simple and modest black dress and this is just one of them. I have to say though, I’m starting to like black as a clothing colour a lot less these days. I’m finding it to be smothering, dull and heavy. To be exact it is safe and boring, so I’m not really feeling the outfit. I got dressed in such a rush, the purple neck piece and scarf were my quickest options to brighten up the outfit and hide a bad hair day. Maybe I just need to find a way to style this dress better, I think it would work well in winter under a coat, like an olive green coat. Hmmmmm! Outfit ideas 😊

On the flip side, tying on that head wrap was quite a task! I very quickly learned that the texture and stiffness of the material you use plays the key part in getting it right. After a gazillion failed attempts in 10 minutes I settled for this style. I truly admire all the ladies who wear head wraps on the daily for religious, traditional/cultural and personal preference reasons and still kill it because DANG! this is a skill. No wonder stylists get paid to do this.

Outfit details: Dress- Mr Price/ Neck piece- old/ Scarf worn as headwrap – part of an Indian dress/ Watch- Minx at American Swiss/ Studs- Foschini

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘

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