Who said leather can’t be worn in summer too?

Hello pretty people 😊

This outfit was meant to be posted a while ago because I know you’re wondering who on earth would want to wear anything leather right now in this African summer. Well it’s rainy and cloudy here in South Africa  and I’m sure it’s chilly somewhere else in the world too so…


I’ve always wanted a leather skirt that I could wear with a statement T-shirt. For some reason I think it’s a cool, edgy, kinda sexy look but I don’t think I did the most amazing job with this though, heels would’ve completed the look. Since it’s rainy I might give it another go if I go out at night one of these days  … It’s a simple and minimalist look, the skirt is the focal point of the outfit and also very relaxed. This skirt is actually pleather which isn’t super warm so it works for summer too.

Here are some stunning ladies in their sexy leather skirts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Outfit details:
Skirt-Edgars FREE2BU/ Top- Fashion Express/ Flats- Legit/ Sunnies- Milady’s/ Lipstick- Clinique No.13-Flamenco

🔹 🔷 🔹 

AngieTinashe 😘

***Disclaimer: All images belong to their rightful owners. Please contact to claim or remove an image.***

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