Angie’s HITLIST Faves- October

Well hello  there 😊

October was such a chilled month I cruised right into November and I kinda forgot to post my favourite items of the month on time. The heat wave had me drained. Anyway,  these were my faves for October. Let me know what goodies are rocking your world too.

1. Safeway USB Mini Fan: I remember chucking my fan away in early April when winter came knocking but this heat had me searching for it like a mad man. The cool thing about it is that it’s USB charged so I just plug it into my laptop,  no stress for batteries.


2. Bob Braids: I had to go old school with these braids. I’d been wanting to try this style for quite a while and I loved it,  I think it suits my face and braids instantly make one look younger. Two and a half hours in the salon was bearable for me. I got bored of the style very quickly,  I don’t like hair falling on my face and there’s not much styling you can do with short thick braids.  Nonetheless I’m happy I ticked bob braids off my hair style bucket list.


3. Enchanted Crystal Rose EDT: This bottle is huge! 100ml is a bargain at under R200 for such a soft and pleasant  spicy-musk fragrance. It also came with a 200ml shower gel.


4. She Leads Africa: Now this is an organization you just have to follow!  You can’t help but  want to be part of such an empowering movement. She Leads Africa gives you advise, tools and the networking you need to succeed.  Its basically a career and entrepreneurship platform for women all over the world and they host events all over. I was so bummed I missed the Johannesburg leg of their  #SheHiveTour but I guess there’s always next time.  Follow them on Instagram to see what they’re all about: @sheleadsafrica


5. The Corporate Canvas: Have you ever come across something and just thought “where have you been all my life?”  Yep,  that’s the reaction I had when I randomly discovered this amazing website. They cover lifestyle, career and basic finance topics like how to get your credit score rating up or tips to master your finances after marriage…   you know,  the kind of things nobody teaches us as young career people. The writers of this site are starting just the right kind of conversations we should be having as young millennials. I also like that they do features on individuals who are making a mark in their fields. Being the content junkie that I am, The Corporate Canvas is a true pearl of information.


6. Foot Spa range by Clicks (it doesn’t have a name): I didn’t need these products until I  used them.  Now I can’t not use them! The gel and spray have a cooling effect and keep my feet moisturised all day long. And you know it’s sandal season so #NoToAshyFeet!


7. Tory Lanez: What’s summer without bangin’ beats?  I’ve had the dancehall flavoured ‘Luv’  on repeat since I first heard it. Tory’s early release ‘Say it’  is also a great throw back remix. Trap music is really starting to grow on me,  fleeting as it is.


8. Yardley Oatmeal 2-in-1 Blemish Stick (Caramel): I’m on my second stick now. I  don’t use it for blemishes and dark spots but as a highlighter  instead, on my cheek bones,  brow bone, lip outline,  chin, forehead and nose bridge.  Basically it’s my contouring kit.  It has a great texture, something between a balm and a paste if that makes sense. It sticks to your skin and doesn’t melt or smudge. The tea tree oil in it smells nice too.


9. Beauty Treats Sun Shimmer (02): I apply this bronzer on top of the areas I highlight with the Yardley blemish stick to give me that extra radiant glow. I actually bought this product in January and I wasn’t really sold on it,  well probably because I wasn’t applying it properly and didn’t understand the purpose of bronzer but now that I got my face beat game on fleek I love it!  With a container diameter of roughly 10 centimeters there’s enough to last a long while.



10. Is’thunzi (Drama series): Rebellious teenage girls. What more could one ask for?   The main character Winnie (in the red uniform) played by  Thuso Nokwanda Mbedu is one extra spicy,  naughty and sassy teenager, who gets sent off by her brother and only living family member to live in the village with her estranged aunt who happens to be some kind of ex-militant. There Winnie initially befriends girls who are outcasts for different reasons in their school and community with the aim of gaining out of them but as the story unravels we learn about the traumatic,  heart breaking and sad struggles each one faces.

Again the acting industry of this country delivers with amazing raw young talent. I really hope this production picks up some well deserved awards.  Airs on Mondays,  20:00, DSTV 161.


That was my October,  hope your’s was super.

AngieTinashe 😘  Xx

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