Something Blue

Today I greet you all  with smiles 😊😊😊  I don’t really have anything particular to be happy about but hey I’m alive,  that’s good enough!

An aunt gave me this very pretty dress.  I’m not married though. It is probably the most feminine and ‘soft’ silhouette garment I own.  Very playful and girly with the ruffles in silk. The most piercing blue I’ve ever seen in the form of clothing.  Looks like a jewel.  It’s been sitting pretty in my closet for 4 years now and I still haven’t found the right occasion to bring it out!  Hmm maybe a special date night.

 I’ve always wondered about the gifts worn by a bride for good luck on her wedding day,  you know the one “something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed”. The first two made sense but not the blue and the borrowed,  I mean do you return the borrowed? 

The tradition comes from English folklore  where the old is meant to protect the baby who is to come; the borrowed is from another happy bride (whom has been blessed with children) to provide good luck; blue symbolizes fidelity and I suppose the new simply represents a new life.

Now you know!1452451870117147361616837114524402350821473616049969147361602214914736160743791452453835959147361610861614736161403521473616180218147361623907414736166184321473616574042

Happy Thursday! ✌ 

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