Can you handle the heat?

Oh my goodness!  It’s so HOT! A solid 34°C  😰😥😵  Why?!  For the first time ever I appreciated that almost Antarctic ice cold cooler-than-ice air conditioning in Woolworths,  like I went in there 3 times this week just to cool off. Yeah it’s that hot.  If only it would rain!


This dress was just right for the heat, though its black it’s light and  breezy. Only problem is it’s a bit small so the inner lining rolls all the way up to my waist as I move exposing everything.   It’s more annoying than embarrassing.  Think I’m going to cut it into a crop top and skirt. Hmm…


I’m not sure if I should say enjoy the heat or stay out the heat?  Just handle it!

Outfit details:

Dress- The Hub/ Sunnies- Edgars/ Sandals- Jordan Footwear

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘

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