What To Wear On Cool Spring Days

Well I’d love to sing  my old nursery school rhyme “it’s raining,  it’s pouring, thee old man is snoring”  but it’s not actually raining, just drizzling. Sigh. We need the rain!   This is the kind of weather that’s been making me sick lately 😞. You wake up it’s baking hot, I’m sun burnt but by sunset it’s very windy,  I’m wearing socks and sneezing. Argh!

Now I know I’m not the only one struggling to put together an outfit that’s both warm and cool enough for the temperamental weather. Here are some outfit ideas from all over the web that’ll definitely keep you looking stylish: 

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Enjoy the breezy weather and have a beautiful weekend!

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AngieTinashe 😘

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2 thoughts on “What To Wear On Cool Spring Days

  1. It makes you wonder why Queen Modjadji didn’t give us a clearly detailed outline of her “rain plans” and all the other stakeholders she was intending on including in the weather forecast….why call up her friend autumn? 😂

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