Ankara Collection: Print Perfection

Three blog posts in one day!  Yass I’m on a roll today 😊

This is my ‘I don’t feel like getting dolled up today so the bold print can take all the attention’ outfit. Sometimes the print and colour combination can make or break an outfit. If there is one combo I don’t like is red and yellow. Two bold primary colors over powering each other. Just doesn’t look right to me. The pink hands in this print got my attention, I’m very specific about the design, colour, shapes and pattern of a print. I think every print communicates something so attention to detail is my thing. I’ve never worn this top with anything other than skinny jeans, in fact I doubt there’s anything else to wear it with but I’m thinking of shorts since it’s crazy hot now.



And that is good night from me. Don’t forget to to LIVE your dreams.

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe. Xx

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