Review: Clinique- Aromatics in White

The aesthetics and presentation of this fragrance are super stunning. Crisp, clean, pure white. And the orchids! Love! It resonates very well with the uncomplicated Clinique brand image. The white stands out from all the black and metallic (predominantly gold) designs we’ve been seeing for years now. But this is a fragrance review not a packaging review so let’s get into it.

This October 2014 fragrance is rather discreet. It is the newer, modern version of Clinique’s oldest fragrance, the 1971 Aromatics Elixir created by Nicolas Beaulieu*. The fragrance’s main accords are: amber, balsamic, warm spicy, musky, rose and patchouli.

The top notes are: Sichuan pepper, violet leaves and labdanum.
Middle notes: rose, orange blossom and patchouli.
Base notes: leather musk, grey amber, benzoin and vanilla.


At first spritz I catch a soft floral pleasant smell. Not a fruity floral but a rose floral then it evolves into a spicy-musky-vanilla aroma. The spicy comes from the pepper which I quite like and I strongly associate the heavy musk with manly scents but the touch of vanilla stirs it back to the feminine side without making it sweet. I don’t like musk so it nearly put me off at first but after the fragrance has settled on your skin you start to smell the other ingredients. I also like that it’s deep as opposed to heavy and suffocating.

In terms of longevity you will smell it when you first spray it on then only much later in the day will you smell it again. Not sure I like that effect. I would wear this in autumn/winter and definitely during the daytime. Age range wise I’d say it’s for 35+ women, smells a little complicated/mysterious for me. Overall this is a ‘safe’ fragrance, not the most amazing but it’s quite moderately satisfying. I’m just curious as to why call it ‘white’?

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘




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