Angie’s HITLIST Faves- September




Hmmmm. September was an all round good month. Spring sprung and we finally got to wear our cute outfits and pack away the blankets. Yay 🙂 No complaints. These are some of the awesome things that were a total hit this past month.

1. Music Videos- I don’t watch music video channels anymore like I did growing up because I grew up in front of the TV, I remember watching MTV and Channel O all day every day starting back in 1998. So music videos don’t amuse me anymore, I’ve seen them ALL, though I appreciate the artistry of videography. Must say, Beyonce kills it with them videos and Solange is trailing right behind her with the drop of her anticipated 5 day old #SeatAtTheTable album videos. I’m so here for the visuals, not so much the music. …Any way I came across two videos the other day- Jidenna’s A Little Bit More . Such a chilled simple beach party video but it’s the dance moves and Jidenna’s Ankara print that got me #MCMin him. I like to see people reppin their own culture, why does Beyonce have to wear Ankara African print to make it cool? No. We must wear our own attire and be proud of it. Watch this guy, he’s onto something.
and Arianna Grande’s Side To Side– This girl makes exercise spinning on a bike look damn sexy! Geez! I know I took notes there. Just see for yourself… Oh and the beat is kinda hot too.

2. DIY Ombre hair- The way Revlon makes it so easy to dye my own weaves I’m going to dye anything I can get my hands on. I threw away the box so I can’t remember the colour I used but… It’s funny how I always thought dying hair was a huge messy time consuming task but it’s actually not. You simply mix two chemicals together, the cream and activator in a plastic dish and you’re ready to colour! I like that the formula is a cream texture (like hair relaxer) so it eliminates the fear of the chemical running onto your face or dripping onto the floor. I think I can do this with my eyes closed. Oh and the process took roughly 25-35 minutes.

3. Allegro Dinkwanyane- This lady keeps me in shocking amazement! At 26 she is the CEO and founder of online and broadcast media company Orgella Media (that’s Allegro spelt backwards, you know like how Oprah owns Harpo Studios…)  which has been running for 5 years to date. The media house is an umbrella for seven entities:

  • Orgella Communications – PR and Marketing Agency;
  • Orgella Helping Hands – A charity foundation aimed at lending a helping hand to the less fortunate;
  • Orgella Online Entertainment – Entertainment blog, covering local and international entertainment news;
  • Orgella Productions – Creative design agency;
  • Allegro Eats – Food, travel and lifestyle blog; and
  • Boss Chiq SA – women’s online fashion boutique and empowerment movement

Allegro has recently ventured into property as well and last night she announced her new smart phone range. What???!!! Boss moves! I’m not easily inspired by a lot of people but she is the only business woman who has consistently managed to do so over the last two years and I keep asking myself ‘do people not know of this girl? Is anybody paying attention?’ If you follow her on Instagram (@allegro_d) you will see that she’s constantly busy attending meetings launches and press releases yet she stays so down to earth, humble and focused. I like that she doesn’t glamourfy her life because in this day and age it would be very normal for somebody making such huge strides far ahead of their peers  to be ‘ballin’ and flaunting ‘£SoBlessed’ but she doesn’t, she’s so chilled. I going to make sure I attend her next ‘Conversations with Allegro’ session. I bow down to Allegro. She is a mogul in the making and one to keep a close eye on. WOW! 

4. ‘Letter to my Daughter’ by Maya Angelou- This cute quick read is a collection of very short stories (each chapter is 1-5 pages) or experiences and incidences rather in Maya’s life. She basically summarises life lessons and valuable teachings. Now, I am not a book worm, not by a long shot but I started reading because 1- I need to expand my vocabulary and brush up on my language skills if I’m going to be a creditable blogger. 2- Sometimes I get quite overwhelmed with creative ideas in my head, I just really need to zone out. Normally I’d work out but sometimes I’m just lazy! 3- I have developed a short attention span so I’m trying to train myself to focus seeing that I intend on furthering my studies. 4- As I’m getting older, I’m becoming more and more of a sponge and less of a talker. I talk less (not that I was ever much of a talker) and observe more. I just want to absorb as much information and content as I can and books are my new treasure.
I’m really enjoying reading, I feel like Alice in Wonderland who’s discovered a whole new world and source of inspiration. It is adding to my creativity in the wildest ways. Also considering the context of this book I feel like I’m having a chat with Maya while she shares some good life lessons that nobody is going to teach me. We live in a world where people don’t talk to each other and share anymore, our elders are hardly guiding us in the right directions. Everybody just quietly keeps to themselves. Sad. I now have a lot more to think about myself and life in general. Think I’ll stick to these short story collections before I move onto the detailed longer reads. I’m so happy I finally picked up a book, it’s opening my mind and I’m learning so much.

5. Oh So Heavenly: Beauty Sleep Collection: Over the Moon Moisture Rich Body Wash Cream is the reason why I spent an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom. I have a horrible case of dry skin and this past winter was the worst. It’s such a pity I discovered this moisture rich wash cream right after the cold days. It’s made of shea butter, jojoba and wheatgerm oil. It smells divine and as the name suggests it’s best to use it before bedtime to get the best out of the aromatherapy blend. It truly feels like a shower body lotion, I can feel the oil on my skin. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

6. Off shoulder tops! –Because why not? The cutest little summer tops I’ve seen in a while. They look very easy to DIY and I’ve obviously got to have mine in Ankara print.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7. Estee Lauder Grand Entrance Mascara got my lashes poppin! This magic wand found me, no really I wasn’t on a quest to find the perfect mascara but it found me. I have short, tight scrunched up lashes that refuse to straighten out so I’d given up on them long ago though I’d always wanted to find the mascara that’ll make my lashes budge someday when I have time and interest. There’s a solution for everything and I know I was going to find mine. The magic in this mascara is the curved rubber brush which makes it soooo much easier to apply without poking oneself in the eye. Also it separates and defines the lashes while giving just the right layer of volume because the brush bristles are short. The rubber allows the product to spread out evenly on the brush, unlike on a fibre brush where it clumps so you apply an equal amount with one glide of the brush. The mascara is smooth and doesn’t flake or dry out but it does leave a subtle stain on the skin.

8. Adele’s 25- I’m so late on this one, a whole year but I always make it a point to avoid a super hyped up album and listen to it once the craze has died down because I don’t want to hear the radio stations playing ‘Hello’ 12 times in one day until I get put off the artist and they ruin it for me. Adele has been on full blast and repeat for weeks now in my room and each time I listen to ‘Love in the Dark’ it has a deeper meaning… Yeah! It’s almost time to get my serving of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ now that the hype is gone. Solange must just save me that seat at her table for now.

9. Macha green tea float– I went to Mugg & Bean twice last week and for the first time ever they let me down! The food was such a disappointment but their green tea float made up for it and it was amazing! I can still taste it. I never thought I could have warm creamy green tea but it was niiice.

10. Girls Night Out- I mean? This is the most essential part of… the month. We get together, have a bite and a drink, a great laugh, dance a little and go home happy. What more does one need?


Let me know what amazing goodies you’ve discovered and are rocking your world, drop your comments below. For now let’s get on with October!


Angie Tinashe. Xx

Sources: *–  True Love Magazine

(Disclaimer: All images belong to their rightful owners. Please contact to claim or remove an image.)


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