Angie’s Hitlist- August


There are some things that I really like, can’t stop raving about but not really worth doing a single review post on so I decided to compile them into a list of ten of my favourite things for the month in random order. Books, movies, products, events, apps, yummy goodies, brands, TV shows,  companies, bloggers,  hair styles,  trends, gadgets,  songs or even a person. Anything goes! I have a feeling this going to easily become my favourite category.  Let’s get into it 🙂

  1. Suicide Squad– This movie was totally worth it. I’m sure you can tell it’s not Oscar levels. Yes, the storyline is super predictable and extra cheesy but because the characters are so unexpected twisted, you won’t even notice. Super hero stories nowadays are moving away from the squeaky clean perfect ‘good guy’ image and are now flawed and ‘human’, they make mistakes too and sometimes they have to do bad stuff in order for justice to be served. Think Hancock. Viola Davis tho. It’s like she knocked off at the set of How To Get Away With Murder, went to the Suicide Squad set and continued to play Annalise Keating! But let me not ruin it for you, go watch it! Take the kids with you- rated PG10, you’ll have a good laugh. BTW Jared Leto was B.O.M.B in this one! Wanted to see more of him, his character alone deserves a spin-off!


2. Catrice’s Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in Go Flamingo! Go! – I got this gloss (it’s more glossy than balmy) in December of 2014 and it only finished now. Wow! Talk about almost lasting what felt like a lifetime. It doesn’t clump, has no opaque pigment and is super glossy without that thick layer of syrup feeling on your lips. It smells yummy too =) Anything that comes in a chubby stick works for me- easy to apply, it doesn’t get messy and it’s big enough to find in my bag. I remember randomly picking out this gloss at Dischem, I tend to like to try out the lesser known small brands and Catrice has become one of my ‘GO-TO’ brands. I’ve never ever used MAC anything because I’m put off by the hype around it as a brand.

3. Peppermint Tea– Chai! Somehow peppermint tea, like certain alcoholic drinks has an ‘acquired’ taste for me. I can’t drink it all day- everyday otherwise it loses its taste. You can’t have too much of a good thing so once in a while is good.


4. Nude Nail Polish & DIY  Mani- Whooo! I am a nude polish baby till I die. I’m not a fan of nail polish BUT nude is a yes! I like the minimalistic subtly and you don’t have to worry about your polish colour killing your whole outfit colour scheme. Perfection. I got some super cheap nails (5 double strips for R15! What a steal) out of boredom, just felt like doing something outside of my usual creative things. They turned out quite alright, don’t know how I forgot to take pics so maybe I’ll do a detailed DIY post soon.


  1. Woolies cake– Uhmmm Hello! This is Woolies cake, it doesn’t need an explanation. At first glance you might think ‘this cake is tiny AF! Are they crazy? For 115 bucks each? I’ll need to buy 3!’ See, the thing about Woolies cake is that you don’t have to eat two thirds of the cake by yourself just to feel like you’ve eaten cake because it is not drenched in layers and layers of heart stopping cream where you have to dig out the actual sponge of the cake which only makes up for like a third of the whole cake. Gosh I HATE those other retailers’ cakes. One slice is seriously enough satisfy a craving and in my house we do not eat anything else! Any Woolies cake does it for me, even better if it has caramel.


  1. Evernote App- I Bless the Tech Gods for this app! What a beaute! ❤ this app is the digital version of my many notebooks that I scribble ideas, research stuff and blog posts in. I can categorically save my notes in specified notebooks, add pretty much anything to the note (images, audio, video), set reminders and sync with a calendar feature. Best part is the app is downloadable on all my devices and saves EVERYTHING online in those cloud thingies.


7. Clinique’s High Impact Mascara and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion- Like I’ve said before, Clinique has the winning formula. I love the mascara, it doesn’t dry out or turn crusty and flaky. There’s nothing worse than peeling dried mascara off your lashes. It also doesn’t stain the skin around your eyes and it’s quite light weight, I mean I sometimes like to layer it on and I can hardly feel it on my lashes. I’m not a fan of the brush though, doesn’t do much for my tight scrunched up lashes. I used the lotion in the middle of winter and I immediately felt the difference within seconds of applying it. It’s like my skin was thirsty! I felt more hydrated than moisturised.


  1. Mini carnations– My MVP of the month! These babies lasted just a little over 4 weeks until I was forced to throw them away because EY! They wouldn’t give up, even in the freezing cold, well obviously fresh cut flowers last longer in the cold temperatures.  One of the prettiest flower I’ve ever seen, def going to feature at my wedding… whatever year that’ll be 😛


9. Kinky twist braids (also known as Marley twist. I’d imagine that is because they have the rough texture of dreadlocs) – I had been admiring more natural looking hairstyles for a very long time. I was sick and tired of the long silky luscious bone straight weaves I’d been wearing since high school. In all honesty I think I’m going through a ‘hair identity’ crisis which is what lead me to cut my hair in early January this year out of frustration. Every time I’d look in the mirror I hated seeing a weave on my head, I’d ask myself ‘why on earth does my hair look like a white woman’s hair? Why am I wearing this thing that looks like a hat on my head?’. I wanted something that closely imitates my own natural texture in a realistic form. Initially I wanted to try faux locs but not a single stylist knows how to do them in our small town Witbank (catch up people!) and I sure wasn’t going to make a trip to Joburg just for hair so I settled for twist. I used 3 bundles for 100 bucks each which was mighty pricey but since the hair is re-useable it’s worth it and it’s super easy to remove. I think as black people we’re going to be going through a lot of identity crisis in many areas of our lives, I say this because some people asked me why I used kinky hair as opposed to the more acceptable silky straight fibre and others absolutely loved it. To some extent I kinda felt like I was taking a stand, I am not my hair! Wearing a weave doesn’t make you ‘cleaner, smarter, urban, educated, modern, civilised, exposed or classier’. It’s just hair.


  1. ‘Who moved my Cheese?’– This book is oooooold! But very very relevant and one of the quickest reads I’ll probably ever read. It’s one of those teachings that teaches you something you kinda already knew, it’s not rocket science. It helps you to analyse and interpret your various life situations and experiences from a different perspective, a more logical than emotional perspective. Something that I totally needed. It’ll give you an ‘AHA!’ moment.


And that boys and girls is what rocked my August! Let me know what goodies you’re loving as well, leave your comments below.

AngieTinashe. Xx

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