The comfort that is jogger pants!

Don’t you just love the comfort that is jogger pants (a.k.a sweat pants)?

I wear joggers all day, every day, 24/7. They’re super comfortable like that. I’m wearing them right now!

What I like most about these pants is the draw string and slight drop crotch (I don’t have time for buttons and zips which are sometimes uncomfortable) and the tapered or cuffed ankle which makes them the ‘skinny jeans of track pants’. They look neater, less baggy and frumpy. Also, you can never have a ‘does my bum look big in this?’ moment.


For me, what defines your jogger outfit is your choice of shoes, whatever else you wear falls right into place. You can go for the sporty active look with sneakers, a more dressed up chic style in strappy heels or flat sandals even for a relaxed look but this all depends on the type of material your joggers are made of. I mean you get denim joggers, medium to heavy knit fleece joggers, cotton joggers, silk joggers and some very light linen that closely mimics harem pants. I’ve also seen some bad ass leather joggers too.

With the rise of the athleisure trend, items that are considered as sporty or active wear don’t have to strictly be worn in a full sporty outfit. Break the rules! You don’t have to worry about strange looks from people for wearing sweat pants outside of the house. My sister wears sneakers with formal dresses sometimes and looks absolutely stylish and edgy.

For this outfit I wore my dark grey joggers for an extra casual day with sneakers, a denim jacket and a pop of pink! I think I would’ve simply swapped the sneakers for heels had I decide to go out in the evening. I might try pairing my joggers with a blazer next time.


check out some really stylish looks you can try:

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Remember ladies, Comfort is King!


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