Minnie Mouse themed baby shower outfit

Hey guys!


So I went to a friend’s Minnie Mouse themed baby shower the other day, of course it was a surprise and yes she was very surprised. Dressing up was fun, initially I wasn’t going to but thought what the heck! Why not?! YOLO! Cool part is everyone actually dressed accordingly in red, black and white. I’d already envisioned my outfit: red flatss, washed out ripped jeans (for character ofcourse), a white T and the mouse ears I’d bought a year ago. All that was missing was a splash of red!

So me being Miss DIY I ended up making 8 red bows with some scrap red semi-felt material I’d been meaning to make a massive flower accessory out of. It turned out to be rather cathartic and super easy, took me 30 minutes. I think I’ll do a ‘DIY bow’ blog post soon.


We all looked so cute with our bows on, I have the right mind to just wear mine on a random day, be lookin hella cute… cause I’m random like that!


🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘

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